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7 Tools For Successful Lead Generation

Discover the tools that have propelled many of our high performing clients to 8-figure lead generation annual revenues.

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November 27, 2023

🚀 Ready to supercharge your lead generation? Discover the secrets behind our clients' 8-figure success! 💰

Over the next week we'll unlock a new piece of lead gen arsenal, shedding light on how the best of the best attract, nurture, convert, optimise and scale.  Learn how these game-changing technologies work, the incredible benefits they bring, and how they can skyrocket your business to new heights. 🚀

We spill the beans on what tech our wildly successful clients use 🕵️‍♂️

Here's a sneak peek at what we'll cover:

🎯 Part 1: Mastering Lead Capture

📋 Part 2: Crafting Killer Landing Pages

🗓️ Part 3: Appointment Setting

🚚 Part 4: Lead Distribution

🤝 Part 5: Leveraging Affiliate Partnerships

📊 Part 6: Ad Tracking & Attribution Mastery

💼 Part 7: Real-Time P&L Optimization

Mastering Lead Capture

Ever wondered how you can generate higher quality leads at a lower cost than your competitors?

Well…  You need to create personalised interactive experiences across your entire customer journey.  Collecting data, personalization, and optimization are key ways to win the lead generation game to stay ahead of your competition.

A well-structured and effective data capture funnel is the lifeblood of successful lead generation, serving as the critical gateway to nurturing and converting potential customers. Without an enticing means of drawing in new prospects and effectively managing their journey, the countless hours and resources invested in your business could go to waste.

There are many tools out there to skyrocket 🚀 your pay per lead activity but none (in our opinion) quite like LeadsHook 🪝

LeadsHook is Decision Tree Software that enables you to…

💄Personalise entire experience to maximise conversion rates

🥸Identify specific types of leads with specific types of criteria

📈Build segmented work-flows to ultimately increase lead quality

🧮Create custom calculations to personalise results

🤖Build in chatbot behaviour

… and more

LeadsHook 🪝 is a business that we have worked with for many years and have a direct relationship with. We have seen the platform evolve over the years and grow in popularity. Educating their customers on all things lead generation is also a big part of what they do; they have various training courses to help you navigate your to becoming a great player in the lead generation space.

There are many lead capture tools on the market but here are the other ones we think you should know about based on their popularity with our clients:

Landbot -

TypeForm -

Crafting Killer Landing Pages

Generate More Leads - Speed Up Testing & Increase Conversions

It [still] comes up time and time again…Clients having to wait on tech or freelancers to make changes to landing pages.  It not only costs (man hours) but the inability to move quickly can be the difference between a profit week or not. Any bump in conversion rate is important, it can have a big impact on CPL and your bottom line.

There are many tools out there to create landing pages, but none (in our opinion) quite like Landingi. LeadByte is also directly integrated with them making it easy to transfer lead data.

Landing page builders enable you to take control of design and on-going testing to generate better results quicker.  A well-designed and effective landing page is the key to successful online marketing, serving as the critical gateway to capturing, qualifying, and converting potential customers. Without a captivating and relevant landing page, the countless hours and resources invested in your traffic generation could go to waste.

✨ Why Landingi?

🧶 Design responsive landing pages without any coding skills. Empower your team to move quick.
🧠 Optimize with AI-powered features to help you speed up content.
📊 Spllit test landers to get that extra bump on conversion rates.
🚀 Launch, publish, and scale with fast hosting, top-notch security, and dedicated support.

There are many landing page builders on the market. The only other one we think you should know about based on it's popularity with our clients is UnBounce -

BONUS TIP: ConversionWise is a conversion design optimization agency focused on increasing conversion rates. They have a proven record of turning clicks into customers. We have referred many of our clients to them; we only here good things!

Appointment Setting - Make More Profit From Every Lead

Over the last 2 years we have been helping clients establish ways to increase lead quality and squeeze more profit out of every lead.  Sophisticated lead generation does not stop with a great offer, the perfect hook, targeted advertising or lead validation to eliminate waste and fraud.

The customers using our software that are really making a difference are those that are:

⏳Nurturing Leads from warm to smoking hot without a human 🌶️

📅Creating Appointments directly into the Buyers calendar on auto-pilot

HighLevel is the Ultimate Agency Platform used by our clients to:

🚀 Turn Facebook LeadForm Ad leads into SUPER QUALIFIED prospects. 
The problem for many clients that generate leads on Facebook using LeadForm Ads is poor quality.  Using HighLevel you can use SMS, WhatsApp or Email to create two-way communication to turn the lead into a smoking hot prospect for your clients.

💰Turn £20 leads into £140 Appointments.  That’s what one of our clients achieved after we told them about HighLevel.  Buyers they were working with in the home improvements niche wanted to shift towards the appointment setting model.  Using HighLevel they were able to use SMS and ChatGPT to get the customer to agree to a morning / afternoon calendar appointment. LeadByte would automatically allocate the lead to an available Buyer.

Watch our Spotlight Session with HighLevel as we discuss how Cross-Sub-Account Lead Distribution with HighLevel is possible with LeadByte

Partnership Marketing - Scale Your Offer With Trackable Insights

You've got an amazing offer you want to share with the world of affiliates, but you might be uncertain about how to kickstart it and which technology to employ, right?

We consistently recommend that clients prioritize investing in their own media buying to gain control over their lead generation and compliance. Nonetheless, if executed effectively, partnership marketing can propel your business to unprecedented levels of growth.


Numerous tools are available for tracking and enhancing your partner marketing efforts, but we recommend Everflow. We also recommend you follow Zach, we love his LinkedIn content. He’s the man to speak to if you want to make partnership marketing your year in 2024.

Achieving excellence in partnership marketing demands the utilization of a dynamic and adaptable platform that empowers you to seamlessly manage, monitor, and evaluate performance. It necessitates the ability to trace and credit conversions across various channels and devices, as well as the agility to enhance campaigns with real-time insights and streamline partner network growth through effortless onboarding, payments, and communication.

A meticulously tracked and optimized partner marketing initiative stands as the linchpin for business expansion, revenue augmentation, and bolstered brand recognition. In the absence of a steadfast and efficient tracking and optimization platform, the risk of losing sight of conversions, squandering resources, and overlooking valuable insights looms large.

🚀 With Everflow, you can:

🤝 Easily onboard and manage partnerships. Everflow allows you to build, manage and scale your own white label Partner Program

📊 Track and attribute your conversions

🎯 Optimize your offers with real-time data, smart rules, and fraud prevention

🔗 Seamlessly integrate with LeadByte to ensure all conversions flow back to Everflow

And there's even more to discover! Check it out here 👉 Everflow

Connect Your Ads & Conversions - PROBLEM SOLVED

“Before using this tool, we were working blind.  We were not able to attribute what Facebook Ad was actually resulting in sold leads.  Within a week we were investing more into ads that we thought were actually losing us money - CRAZY!”.  

Are you sending all your sold leads back to your Ad Networks to optimise and scale?

We speak to customers like Mac every week.  Knowing which Ads are generating the greatest ROI is how you can scale with confidence by growing an audience that creates consistent profit. It allows you to navigate the complexities of the post-iOS14 world with ease and confidence.

Over the past four years, we've consistently endorsed AnyTrack for its exceptional ease of setup and reliability to get attribution done properly.  The seamless integration with LeadByte streamlines the transfer of your converted leads directly to your preferred Ad Network, allowing you to scale profitable audiences.

AnyTrack offers an easy and cost-effective solution to monitor and increase your conversions on various platforms and devices. It's perfect for Pay Per Lead businesses, allowing you to sync your successful leads with major platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Taboola. Widely used by lead generation companies, direct-to-consumer brands, and major e-commerce players, AnyTrack is an essential tool for creating profitable audiences.

With AnyTrack you can:

🔙 Attribute conversions back to your Ad Networks in real-time

🎯 Activate cross-channel audience targeting

💰 Enhance your Bidding Strategies to drive more profit into your marketing efforts

🤖 Feed Google, Facebook AI engines with the data needed to optimize for ROAS

🔍 Track provenance, use it for compliance

A well-connected conversion tracking and attribution platform is the key to successful performance marketing, helping you understand your customer journey, optimise your campaigns, and increase your ROI. Without it, you will never see your true potential.

Facebook Profit & Loss in real-time, no attribution delay!

Do you have instant access to your Ad Profit & Loss data for all your Facebook, Google, or TikTok traffic with just a click?

Not many do.  

BUT those that we have helped have seen a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in PROFITS.

We outline 9 STEPS on how to use Klipfolio to gain insights into your Facebook profit and loss with your revenue data in LeadByte.

This is what you can do to use Klipfolio to gain insights into your Facebook profit and loss with your revenue data in LeadByte:

1. Connect Data Sources
With Klipfolio you can connect to your Facebook Ad Account to retrieve ad cost data.  You can then connect to your LeadByte revenue data.

2. Create Data Queries

Within Klipfolio you can set up data queries to retrieve relevant information from both Facebook Ads and your CRM. For Facebook Ads, you can gather data on ad spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, and other relevant metrics. You can then fetch revenue data from your LeadByte source.

3. Transform Data

Use Klipfolio's data transformation capabilities to clean, format, and merge data from both sources. You will need to map and align the data fields to create meaningful connections between Facebook advertising metrics and LeadByte revenue data.  This would typically involve submitting Campaign, Adset and Ad ID into LeadByte for every lead to join the data dots.

4. Build Dashboards and Metrics

You can create custom dashboards in Klipfolio where you can visualize key metrics and KPIs related to Facebook advertising and revenue generation. You can add widgets to display data in charts, graphs, tables, or other visual formats.

5. Calculate Profit and Loss

In Klipfolio, use mathematical functions to calculate profit and loss based on the data you have collected. Subtract ad spend from revenue to determine profitability down to Ad Level.  Real-time profit and ROI will enable you to determine which ads are actually making you the profit.

6. Set Up Alerts and Notifications

Implement alerts or notifications within Klipfolio to get real-time updates on critical metrics. For example, you can set up alerts for when your ROI drops below X or when revenue falls below expectations at a specific time of day.

7. Automate Reporting

Schedule automated reports and email notifications to keep stakeholders informed about your Facebook advertising performance and profit/loss insights. Klipfolio allows you to send reports on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

8. Analyze and Optimize

Regularly review the data and insights provided by Klipfolio. Analyze the relationship between Facebook advertising efforts and revenue generation. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions and optimize your advertising campaigns for better ROI.

9. Customize as Needed

Klipfolio is highly customizable, so you can tailor your dashboards and metrics to specific business goals and objectives. Adjust your setup as your advertising and revenue strategies evolve.

By following these steps and leveraging Klipfolio's capabilities, you can gain valuable insights into your Facebook profit and loss in relation to your revenue based on lead sold, helping you make informed decisions to optimize your advertising efforts.

Im summary, you can use Klipfolio to…

📊 Monitor, analyse, and communicate your KPIs, metrics, and trends effortlessly.

🚀 Unlock valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

🔗 Seamlessly connect to various data sources, including APIs, databases, and spreadsheets.

🎨 Create stunning and responsive dashboards with drag-and-drop ease and custom code.

🌐 Share your dashboards securely with your team, clients, or stakeholders.

📈 Elevate your data game with Klipfolio!

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