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Capture, validate and distribute leads in real-time. Buy back time, increase lead quality and your ROI.

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Trusted globally by Lead Buyers and Sellers

Trusted by 500+ clients worldwide

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Automate Lead Buying & Selling to
Maximise Revenue

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Sell more leads faster, make more profit

Intelligently route leads to your clients or team to maximise your profit every time. Sell leads exclusively (or multi-sell), integrate with ping-post clients and distribute leads in priority order or by weighted allocation.

Deliver leads to any CRM, Google Sheets, via SMS / Email or as a file schedule. Set up new clients in minutes to start making generating revenue FAST.

Quick, human support, when you need it

We’re available by chat, phone or email to ensure you get the support you need. We have an industry reputation that is unrivalled (and support is free!).

As a new client, you are enrolled into a customer success programme to ensure you get the support you need to get up and running fast.

Check out our Google Reviews (yes, they are real people and clients).

Spend more time generating leads

Automate lead validation, distribution, messaging and reporting so you can focus on closing more clients and optimising your ad campaigns to maximise your ROAS.

Automating lead distribution is critical to avoid wasting time on admin where you could buy back time to invest your skills on closing new buyer contracts or optimising your ads.

Track your most profitable lead sources

With real-time reporting you can see what lead sources are most profitable for you, which enables you to make better decisions to scale. These are valuable insights that enable our clients to optimise ad campaigns and/or negotiate better commercials with clients and suppliers.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can overcome attribution delay and have a LIVE P&L dashboard at Ad Campaign, Ad Set and Ad level.

Powerful features to trade more leads

Generate more revenue by using features that eliminate manual process, improve lead quality with real-time validation, assign leads to the right client every-time, optimise ROI and automate messaging to new leads.

  • Capture lead
Capture leads in real-time via your Web Forms, Funnels, Facebook Lead Ads, Host & Post sources or imported data files. Our high volume processing API enables you to scale your lead activity indefinitely.
  • Real-Time Validation
Authorise incoming leads by setting up highly customisable rules and third-party validation services. Eliminate invalid, nonsensical, out of criteria or duplicate data. Save time, money and increase the value of the leads you buy or sell.
  • Advanced Distribution
Deliver leads to any API in real-time or via Email, SMS and File Schedules. Set caps, custom filters, commissions and payout logic. Distribute leads exclusively, multi-sell, hybrid, Ping-Post, weighted or as an auction.
  • Email / SMS Scheduling
Maximise contact rates for your clients or squeeze more profit out of every lead you generate with Email and SMS scheduling. Track opens, clicks, conversions and personalise every message.
  • Real-Time Reporting
Track provenance, volumes and revenue of your leads. Monitor leads sold, unsold, duplicates, errors in real-time. Access reporting data via our API direct into your BI platform.
  • Buyer / Supplier Portal
Provide portal access for your lead buyers and lead sellers to access data, statistics and billing numbers in a secure environment. Customise what they see and lock down access for enhanced security.

"I’ve been using LeadByte for the past 2 years and it's transformed my business.  With LeadByte, we have grown from c$5,000 per month to over $1 million in revenue.  Software aside, receiving introductions to other buyers in our industry, has easily added another $150-300k of additional top-line revenue."

Ayo, Extensio

Built for Lead Sellers, Buyers & Brokers

Lead Sellers

Built to maximize your ROAS by making sure every lead is sold to the right buyer everytime.

Make more profit everyday.

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  • Integrate to buyers in minutes
  • Sell every lead to maximise ROI
  • Verify every lead
  • Customise routing logic
  • Take payments via Stripe
  • Track revenue in real-time
  • Automatically handle returns
  • Ad tracking attribution

Lead Buyers

Take control, scale your lead buying in confidence. Verify leads and identify your best sources at a glance.

Generate more sales.

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+ Everything Lead Sellers use
  • Reject bad leads
  • Control lead supply
  • Easily identify best sources
  • Customise payouts
  • Enable DNC lists to avoid fines
  • Nurture better contact rates
  • Get real-time insights
  • Automate lead assignment

Lead Brokers

Effortlessly trade leads and scale your network fast. Track profit, manage supplier volumes on auto-pilot.

Automate trading at scale.

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+ Everything Lead Buyers use
  • Track the P&L of every lead
  • Upload client suppression lists
  • Verify every lead
  • Portal access for sellers & buyers
  • Setup contractual agreements
  • Postback event data to suppliers
  • Quarantine leads
  • Import CSV files

Move data between your web apps

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Trusted by startups & global brands

Unbeatable uptime! Great product and service from LeadByte! We would highly recommend them to any company looking for a similar product that works in a sector that requires high volume processing, validation and unbeatable up-time.

Put simply, I would not have been able to grow and sell my business without LeadByte. A loyal client for 8+ years, I have never looked anywhere else but LeadByte to help power and manage our lead generation campaigns.

LeadByte helps us scale our revenue fast! The platform is rock solid, easy to use and enables us to automate our marketing communication with decision driven statistics that give us the competitive edge we need to maximise our ROI. Thank you LeadByte!

Our partnership with LeadByte has allowed us to add significant value to our clients. LeadByte’s service is every bit as good as their technology and they are a pleasure to work with. We have been a customer since 2014!

We’ve been using LeadByte for a few years now and I can say I am very happy. They are 100% on top of things, coming up with solutions and improving as often as possible. We had a list of things to be changed so that the system can fit better our needs, and Anthony & Craig worked fast on that to meet our expectations. The team is very knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and proactive, always there for you, even on the weekend.

Monetise have used LeadByte for the last 5 years or so now and its by far the best lead distribution software that gives you complete control of how leads are delivered to clients. Support have always been great and extremely helpful with any more complex requests and they have always found a solution. Highly recommend to anyone needing a platform to validate and distribute lead data.

We'll craft the ideal software tailored to your needs

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We add value like no other platform, accelerating growth fast for every client that we work with. Our powerful lead distribution software is easy to use providing you with everything you need to track, filter, route and better manage your leads.

Our rock solid proprietary tech and Amazon supported infrastructure gives confidence to all our clients and the clients they work with to take business to the next level.