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Pros & Cons: Buying vs Developing a Lead Management Software

Leasing a third party lead management software or developing one in-house? Consider the following questions before making this decision..

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October 13, 2023

Buying third-party lead management software or develop one in-house? A question we come across numerous times and a major decision for many CTOs.

Many entrepreneurs tend to have a do it yourself approach when they’re looking for a solution to problems that arise. Understandably this is what entrepreneurship encompasses, recognising a problem and then using your brainpower to figure out a smart solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

There are Pros and Cons for both! However, the arguments for and against will vary dependent on your companies strategy and core value proposition. Consider the following questions before making this decision:

Building In-house Lead Management Software

Building proprietary software can unlock many benefits, however, going down the “build it in-house” route should only be considered if:

  • It provides a competitive advantage
  • Tech is part of an exit play
  • You have the resources, money and time

Because the wheel is being reinvented, companies are liable to come across hurdles that have already been mastered by others. For companies in a scenario mentioned above, this can increase your knowledge and competence within the sector.

However, for others, it could ultimately hinder the time it takes for you to reach the market. Additionally, you’ll be spending time & resources developing tools and frameworks that already exist.

Furthermore, depending on the industry you operate in, technology might not be a competitive advantage. Maybe your business is a call centre with an ambition of providing a quality service to the customer.

On these terms, building awesome technology wouldn’t necessarily set you apart from your competition. Time and resources would be better spent on improving individuals to provide higher quality service directly to the customer.

Leasing From LeadByte

As a software-focused organisation, we’re always working to improve the service we offer and ultimately the user experience. With a dedicated team of developers & client prosperity always in mind, new features and improvements are ever prominent.

Using a licensed platform like LeadByte for Lead Management serves immediate benefits! These include:

  • Years of Intellectual property
  • Built for scale
  • Rolling monthly contracts
  • Up and running in hours (literally)
  • Fully supported

Whilst our “out-of-the-box’ solution might suit one organisation requirements to the dot, it might not suit others from day one. However, at LeadByte things are done slightly differently… An understanding of the client’s requirements from the outset and customise a setup where possible that meets those needs.

It’s also common for white label clients to experience less control and priority regarding platform improvements. Yet at LeadByte, 80% of our development is driven by our clients! And with many integration & partnerships with top software providers, migrating to LeadByte has never been easier.

Why LeadByte?

LeadByte has been built with an absolute focus on serving quality technology in the lead generation software market.

We serve over 500 clients, process millions of leads p/day and have a development roadmap that is customer driven making us the most progressive lead management platform in the market (we think so anyway).

Remember the golden rule of the internet and the lead generation industry… change happens and it happens fast! Regardless of the decision, it’s important that the software you use is built to adapt, react quickly to market changes to be 200 OK! Our packages start from just £500 p/month.

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