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Managing Returns Efficiently

As a Lead Seller, effective lead return handling enables you to buy back hours of manaual admin work and calculate in real-time your true ROI.

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December 9, 2023

Refunds are a topic that every lead generation company inevitably encounters. It's not uncommon to hear clients express dissatisfaction with phrases like "your leads are of poor quality" or "these leads aren't up to par" at some point. While it might appear as a relatively minor aspect within the broader scope of a lead generation company's operations, having vague or non-existent refund policies can result in client dissatisfaction and potentially damage the company's reputation in the market.

Ineffective management of refunds (returns) can consume hours of administrative work and inaccurate financial reporting and billing.  It’s important to have a system like LeadByte in place to make the process simple and efficient for you and your Buyers and to keep your financials up-to-date to make better decisions.

What are Lead Returns?

Returns, also referred to as "scrubs," are leads that a Lead Buyer chooses to reject after initially purchasing them. The reasons for returning a lead can vary but are typically outlined in the terms specified within an Insertion Order (IO). For instance, a lead might be marked as returned if the potential customer changes their mind about a product or service or if their phone number becomes disconnected, a situation that can be prevented through validation services.

With LeadByte you can provide your Buyers with the ability to:

  • Login to a portal to return leads that they have purchased
  • Import a file to return leads in bulk
  • Use our API to return leads directly from their own CRM

LeadByte provides all its customers with the ability to manage lead returns effectively.  Both employees and Lead Buyers can return leads via the portal or API.  It is also possible to set a time restriction for leads to be returned (most commonly for Buyers) and require your approval before accepting the return.

Managing Returns when working with Lead Suppliers?

If you are a Lead Buyer or Broker using LeadByte, you have the ability to return leads and notify your suppliers as they require.  You can provide your lead suppliers with a portal to login to get access to real-time statistics or notify suppliers of returns directly into their CRM. 

Rejecting Returns from Lead Buyers

We acknowledge that not all return requests are legitimate. Therefore, within LeadByte, we empower you, the lead seller, with the authority to manage returns at the buyer level, subject to approval or sign-off. This feature is particularly common among many of our clients who deal with low-volume yet high-value leads. When a return is submitted, you have the option to either approve or reject it, providing a reason for your decision. As a lead seller, you receive notifications regarding the return(s), and conversely, the lead buyer is promptly informed in case you reject the return request.

You can read more about our Returns and Feedback management here:

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