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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Advanced Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution Software allows for the automation of lead distribution processes on a larger scale. Are you at optimal scale?

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January 17, 2024

Lead Distribution Software allows for the automation of lead distribution processes on a larger scale. Whether you're in the business of buying or selling leads, advanced distribution software empowers you to tailor your setup to meet your unique requirements. It eliminates errors and enhances your return on investment (ROI) by consistently delivering the most relevant leads to the appropriate lead buyers or agents, all on autopilot.

This article will explore the various forms of advanced lead distribution offered by LeadByte and delve into the reasons why our clients opt for this lead distribution method to help grow their business and gain a competitive edge.

For the purpose of this article, we shall highlight how Advance Distribution is used for a lead seller, however many lead buyers using LeadByte use Advance Distribution to distribute leads to their agents internally.

Weighted Distribution

Weighted distribution is a way of dividing your leads among different lead buyers based on how much they pay and/or how many leads you want to send them.  In LeadByte, you can evenly distribute leads or apply specific weighting to buyer contracts.  Weighted distribution is most commonly used when buyers want similar volumes and are paying a similar price for a lead. 

Priority Distribution

Priority Distribution, sometimes known as a waterfall system, offers you control over the order in which leads are distributed, prioritising them from top to bottom. This method is especially useful when lead payouts differ, with the highest-paying buyer receiving leads first. In Priority Distribution, if a lead buyer rejects a lead, it will automatically be passed to the next buyer in line (if it meets their criteria), ensuring that your leads are consistently attempted to be sold, maximising your return on investment (ROI).

Ping Post Auction

Ping Post Auction lead distribution is a method of instantly selling leads to the highest bidder. Upon receiving a lead, a "ping" is dispatched to eligible buyers, providing them with essential partial information, such as the postcode, age, or last name (as needed for them to make an informed decision without revealing personal data). These potential buyers can then submit their real-time bids for the lead. Advanced Lead Distribution Software like LeadByte is equipped to efficiently gather all bids and identify the highest bidder, subsequently revealing the full lead data to that winning buyer if the reserve price is met.

Hybrid Distribution

Hybrid Distribution offers the flexibility to blend various lead distribution methods, often employed when you need to distribute leads differently to distinct groups of lead buyers.

For instance, consider having two sets of buyers with varying preferences. In the first group, these buyers (Group 1) place a premium on the leads you generate and have specific requirements. These are buyers with whom you have direct relationships, each paying different rates for leads. To cater to their needs, you prefer a Priority distribution approach, prioritising the highest-paying buyers.

In contrast, the second group (Group 2) consists of brokers or wholesalers who consistently purchase leads, albeit not always at the highest price. They bid in real-time, and you aim to award the lead to the highest bidder.

Hybrid Distribution intelligently combines Priority, Weighted, and Auction-based distribution methods within a single platform. In the scenario mentioned, it allows you to establish two distinct buyer groups and implement different routing logic within each group, thus optimising your return on investment (ROI).

Advance Lead Distribution is essential for lead generation growth.  You are able to scale in confidence by automating how your leads are distributed to maximise conversions for your lead buyers or agents and scale your revenue.

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