LeadByte FAQs

Why LeadByte?

We help our clients make more money from lead generation, enter new markets or be more efficient than any other platform on the market. We are invested in over 250 companies to help them do a better job at lead generation.

Terms of contract?

No setup fees, 30-Day rolling contract, cancel any-time! It's as simple as that. If you are migrating from another provider, we will give you a 30 day FREE migration period too.

Can you help me generate leads?

Yes! We actively connect our clients to companies that generate leads. It is a key part of our service to help you scale your business and generate better leads.

Can you help me sell my leads?

Yes! We can help you match your leads to a buyer through our network of clients.

I need to automate messaging to new leads, can you help?

Yes! Our Auto-Responder platform is market leading to support both transactional and re-marketing needs of our clients. You can set up a funnel of Email and SMS messages, track clicks, track conversions and manage opt-out requests.

What level of support do you offer?

Unrivalled! We have a ticketing system and system documentation. We are available on the phone, Skype and Slack.

Data security?

We have a 100% track record at keeping client data safe and secure. We have not had a data breach in all the time we have been running (7 years). We have not failed any security reviews by any clients or any penetration tests. Our software has been built to be aligned to your GDPR processes. We are Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted and adopt software security measures to include 100% encrypted data transfer methods and Two-Factor sign-in authentication. We monitor network and login activity 24/7.

What data delivery options do you offer?

Deliver leads to your client using HTTP(s) Post, Ping Post, XML, SOAP, JSON, E-Mail, SMS or direct to sFTP. We are yet to not be able to deliver to a client the way they need it. LeadByte has been built to enable you to do all this yourself (no coding skills required).

What reporting is available?

LeadByte provides real-time reporting. All of our reports are available via our REST API so you can connect data to external BI systems if you need to. Whether you are a Lead Buyer focused on the performance of leads from multiple sources or an agency focused on the profit and loss of campaigns, you can measure ROI with ease.

I have a panel of buyers, do you provide advanced routing?

Yes! We have lots of clients like you. Our advanced routing enables you to set up various distribution methods to include Exclusive, Multi-Sell or Hybrid by price or weighted distribution.

Are you integrated with Facebook?

Are you integrated with Facebook?
Yes! We have built our own app to connect to your Facebook account to sync lead data into LeadByte in real-time.

World Class Validation Services

Authorise incoming leads by setting up highly customisable rules and validation services.