LeadByte FAQs

Why LeadByte?

You only have to pick up the phone to your industry peers or check out our Google reviews to understand why. Our business has a reputation that is second to none in the industry with a team always going that extra mile to make your business a true success.

Terms of contract?

No setup fees, 30-Day rolling contract, cancel any-time! It's as simple as that. If you are migrating from another provider, we will give you a 30 day FREE migration period too.

Do you supply leads?

We get asked this all the time; the short answer is YES. Our focus is software however, many of our clients are lead generators so we can connect you to the right people to kick-start your activity. Our directory of suppliers enables us to quickly identify who you should be speaking to. Subject to the product / service, we can also roll up our sleeves and help with SEM, Social and Native channel driven traffic.

Data security?

We take all the steps possible to ensure your lead registration data is safe and secure by following GDPR guidelines. We are partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and adopt software security measures to include 100% encrypted data transfer methods, Two-Factor sign-in authentication and audit logs to provide full visibility on your portal.

What reporting is available?

LeadByte provides real-time reporting for all your lead registration data. Whether you are a Lead Buyer focused on the performance of leads from multiple sources or an agency focused on the profit and loss of campaigns, you can measure ROI with ease.

I buy leads, why LeadByte?

We provide Lead Buyers with the tools required to buy more leads in confidence helping you scale your business. We use intelligent technology to remove invalid data eliminating waste and therefore reducing costs associated to acquiring and processing leads.

Any extra costs?

The license fee is a recurring monthly cost. If you decide not to use premium validation services or send SMS and/OR Emails then that is additional. We process millions of leads p/week so we have very competitive rates.

Lead Management Software

Empowering Lead Buyers and Lead Sellers to collect, validate & distribute leads in real-time compliantly. Built for Marketing Professionals in all GEO's.