LeadByte Features

1. Lead Capture

Receive leads from multiple sources in real-time via our API, LeadByte forms or by importing CSV files.

Many of our clients that operate their own landing pages integrate form registration directly into LeadByte. Our Facebook integration enables you to sync your lead form data direct into your LeadByte campaigns.

We are also the lead management platform of choice for many of our clients in the co-registration market.

2. Real-Time Validation

There really is no excuse for receiving duplicates, dead, invalid or incorrectly formatted leads.

With LeadByte you can authorise incoming leads by setting up highly customisable rules and validation services. LeadByte eliminates invalid and nonsensical leads generated online from publishers ensuring highest possible quality.

The result of which saves time, money and builds confidence in the quality of leads.

  • Enable validation services
  • REST API access for live on form validation
  • Real-time results (no cache)
  • Custom filtering and rule setting
  • Uniform / standardise all inbound data

3. Distribution

LeadByte enables you to fully automate the routine of lead distribution to your clients via API or export schedules, all of which can be based on custom rules.

At any given time of the day, we support over 2,500 export schedules and over 8,000 API deliveries to other 3rd party systems.

  • Connect to CRM, ESP’s, Diallers etc for real-time delivery
  • Automate delivery of files via Email or FTP
  • Weekly, monthly, daily advanced scheduling
  • PingTree tech to maximise return on your lead
  • “New lead” alerts via SMS
  • File security assured with encryption capabilities
  • Custom lead Routing

4. Nurture

Globally, we deliver millions of SMS and Emails every month for our clients. Our autoresponder technology could be a standalone platform in its own right (it’s that awesome!).

Whether you need to squeeze more profit out of every lead or connect to your prospects as soon as you acquire them, LeadByte is the platform for you. You can personalise every message and build a schedule of messages based on triggers to drive ROI. Furthermore, you can even connect to your favourite ESP and use LeadByte as your front-end platform.

  • Track opens, clicks and conversions (both email and SMS)
  • Opt-out management
  • Segmentation
  • Advanced scheduling & retargeting (build funnels)
  • Personalised SMS domain tracking
  • External ESP integration
  • AB Testing

5. Supplier & Buyer Management

Create suppliers and buyers. Set lead pricing, payouts, caps and budgets. Track the performance of suppliers in real-time. Provide both suppliers and buyers with a portal to track their lead activity.

  • Manage returns (scrubs)
  • Pixel tracking
  • Customise portal permissions
  • Supplier custom payouts

6. Import/Export

Receive leads daily via CSV? Have a need to automate the delivery of leads via email or FTP?

With LeadByte you can import leads to better organise your routine file handling process and in turn export leads to clients or external CRM’s. We make the process of importing and exporting leads super efficient, saving our clients huge amounts of time.

Our export schedule is particularly cool, built over the years by our clients that use it on a day-to-day basis (we think it is best-in-market).

7. Manage Leads Globally

LeadByte enables you to manage leads internationally. In fact, the majority of our clients now operate in various markets providing them with the tools required to extend revenue channels in new markets with confidence.

In a world where lead generation is incredibly accessible on a global basis, we provide lead capture, validation, distribution and reporting services local to each market that is business critical to you.

8. Reporting

Use insightful real-time reports to identify your most profitable lead sources at any given time.

See which suppliers are performing and monitor the performance of lead nurturing and conversions.

Example reporting to include:

  • Campaign, Supplier and Buyer activity reporting
  • SMS and email Performance tracking
  • Supplier lead quality reporting
  • Custom campaign notifications & alerts

Reporting data is available via the REST API.

9. Bulk SMS & Email

Send out bulk sms/email communications within minutes using our bulk scheduling tools.

Personalise your messages to strategically engage customers and retarget using our click-through reports. We provide for FULL click tracking on SMS too, which enables you to identify and future target your most active leads.

10. Account Management

At LeadByte we are known for the high level of support we provide to our clients , always aiming to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Our Account Management and support has enabled our clients to grow and optimise their businesses.

  • Ticketing system
  • Dedicated Skype support
  • Telephone support
  • Screen sharing for training
  • Free account reviews

11. Security / Access Control

Platform security is a top priority for us. As a data processor it is our responsibility to keep your data safe and secure.

We are hosted with our friends at AWS who are fully ISO 27001 certified and we adopt standards throughout our company. Lock down access to your account at country and/OR IP level and enable 2 Factor Authentication for all your users and customise what they see. We provide full audit tracking of user access.

12. Landing Page Creation

We have partnered up with Landingi to provide you with everything you need to design, personalise and optimize your very own landing pages.

  • 100 + templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Mobile optimised
  • Image library & Icon library
  • More fonts than you can type
  • Easily move and copy elements
  • One-click duplication
  • Facebook compatibility
  • Form validation

13. GDPR Features

Meeting data protection legislative requirements is very important to LeadByte and we have worked hard to ensure our products conform to these new requirements. Here are just a few GDPR related features.

  • Channel Consent
  • Account Management Access
  • Export Authorisations
  • Activity Logs
  • Insertion Orders
  • Auto Delete
  • Automatic Unsubscribe

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