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Manage Your Leads.
Organise Your Campaigns.


Use Multiple methods to get data into your LeadByte account. Live API post from multiple suppliers or use forms or import files to be managed.

Validate & Filter

Authorise incoming leads by setting up highly customisable rules and use validation services i.e. PAF, HLR to better qualify what you buy.


A powerful tool to deliver your leads to buyers and external systems, or simply deliver files direct to clients on an automated schedule.

Nurture & Monetise

LeadByte works closely with Email & SMS marketing providers. Schedule your notifications or marketing from the moment you receive a lead.

Make the most of marketing

SMS Responder

Auto Responder Marketing

With LeadByte you can create and schedule follow up Emails and SMS to further nurture your qualified leads giving you the flexibility to simply say "Hello!" or create a powerful marketing plan over a period of time.

LeadByte integrates with market leading email and SMS delivery partners to ensure your messages are delivered exactly when you want them to. Our recent integration with Send Stack gives you the opportunity to use a stable & agile email relay service with a dedicated account and consultancy service.

Our happy clients

"We can now offer real value and quality to the lead generation industry."

Media Bowl Ltd

"Aquira utilise Leadbyte to manage its data supply and data delivery for a number of its high profile clients. Its flexible set up structure and agile system structure allows us to cater for all of our client requests. The Leadbyte solution is central to Aquira's growing data business and we look forward to continued use of the system."


"Absolutely Brilliant Software, our data is organised, lead flow automated and our follow up responders to new customers work like a dream."

Complete Money

"Service and feedback has been very responsive from the team. Setup of a campaigns is straight forward thus saving valuable time...a well thought out lead generation platform"

Jon. P - Ventica.com.au

Partners & Integrations


Send Stack

Email Relay Service


AWS Hosted

Security & Flexibilty

GB Group

GB Group

Identity Intelligence



Help Desk Software

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can LeadByte Save Me Time?

LeadByte was built to remove as much of the manual lead-management process as possible. We don't believe in handling files so LeadByte has tools to handle them for you or removes them altogether! Even If you need to use files, with LeadByte you can schedule regular deliveries to your clients, direct to the email.

How do LeadByte tools interact with one another?

Leadbyte encourages every client to combine their current models with tools such as marketing, brokering and creating new Lead Generation campaigns all within the system. With form creation, push scheduling and our Buyer models we have helped many clients improve their lead management but also grow additional monetisation models.

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