LeadByte FAQs

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    Can LeadByte save me time?

    LeadByte was built to remove the overheads associated with manual lead handling by providing a lead capture API, integrated validation services and automated lead distribution methods. Many of our clients have removed the nightmares associated with organising lead registration data via Excel and manual lead delivery. From a recent survey, on average our clients save 10 hours per week using LeadByte!

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    Can I Buy Leads From LeadByte?

    We are not a lead generator, nor are we a data owner. HOWEVER, we have a network of Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers that use our Lead Management Platform to run their business. Therefore, we can help by introducing clients to reputable lead suppliers.

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    How safe is my data?

    We take all the steps possible to ensure your lead registration data is safe and secure. We are hosted with Amazon, our domain is HTTPS verified. Leads can be exchanged via secure "data transfer" methods. LeadByte supports password protected ZIP files for email delivery and FTPS for file transfer. Accounts can be locked down by IP and we operate a "password attempt" policy across all accounts.

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    Can I use LeadByte to broker co-reg deals?

    Many of the UK's top media owners that operate lifestyle survey sites use LeadByte to broker co-registration offers when advertisers require more lead volume. LeadByte acts as a conduit CRM to capture, validate and distribute leads outside of our clients own survey path. LeadByte helps our clients grow lead volume and revenue by essentially operating a co-registration network whilst maintaining lead quality.

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    What reporting is available?

    LeadByte provides real-time reporting for all your lead registration data. Whether you are an advertiser focused on the quality of lead delivery from suppliers or an agency focused on the profit and loss of campaigns you can extract the key performance indicators from your account. Many of our clients use LeadByte to track performance of email and SMS remarketing as well as reporting on the delivery of leads to partners.

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    As an advertiser what are the key benefits?

    We provide advertisers with the tools required to buy more leads in confidence. From validation services such as email, HLR (mobile validation) and PAF (postal) to custom filters, LeadByte can eliminate lead waste and therefore reduce costs associated to acquiring and processing leads.

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    What are the contractual commitments?

    No set up fees, cancel anytime; it's as simple as that! All we require is that you pay your monthly license fee 1 month in advance.

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