Working From Home Tips From The LeadByte Team

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Are you still working from home? Many businesses still have some, if not all, employees working from home and as time rolls on, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep being productive when working away from the office. Especially at LeadByte where teamwork really does make our dream work! However, we have found some new and helpful ways to work more effectively from home while also maintaining the office atmosphere that we all love so much! If you’re feeling a bit like this then take a look at some of our top tips below.

Maintain regular hours

When working from home, it is very important to stick to strict routine otherwise your work-life balance becomes impossible to manage. If you usually start work at 9 and leave at 6 then try to stick to that schedule. We are all early risers here at LeadByte. Our teams function more effectively when everyone is working from home at the same time. Maintaining regular hours is easier when you develop a morning routine. What directs you to the home office? Is it a run, shower followed by a cup of coffee? Do you prefer to work in your pajamas?? (Home office perk!) What steps do you take that essentially help you get to work at home easier? A routine can be much more effective than an alarm clock. This is what Macaullay our Marketing guru in the LeadByte team does to get started, “I always make sure I get up, have a shower, and take five minutes to chill with a coffee to ensure I am in the right headspace to start work.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

Too many people sit at home spending hours wasting time trying to do tasks on things they do not understand or simply cannot do without asking for help. At the office, there are ample people around that we can seek assistance from, at home, many employees feel less comfortable reaching out for clarification. This may even include asking for more efficient equipment or how to access information stored on work computers etc. Organizations that work with remote staff often have budgets for them and if you cannot complete tasks to the best of your ability because you do not have the right tools then you need to speak out.

Keep in touch with your Colleagues

Communication is key especially when many of us are getting messages via WhatsApp, slack, and email – all typed out forms of speaking where there can be instances of miscommunication. This is why it is all the more consequential we double check what information we are receiving. Ask for confirmation if there is any confusion. We use Slack a lot so we can keep in touch more and maintain our communication. Keeping in touch is imperative but not just with regards to work communication. It is so important to maintain your work relationships. Generally, when we start working somewhere, we all build friendships with one another and we need to keep that up whether it’s through evening drinks on a Friday with the team via Zoom or even a coffee break on facetime. These interactions are important to nurture and maintain not only for work but for our own sanity! The LeadByte team went for a socially distanced walk together around the streets and walls of Chester when lockdown restrictions allowed it so that we could catch up and meet face to face again.

Take leave days

Many employees think that they should not be taking any leave days because they are not going on vacation, they should not be taking leave days. This could not be further from the truth, leave days are for our brains to rest and have time away from work even if we stay at home and rest. Mark Gorkin, a stress resilience expert and consultant in Columbia, Md., said he believes that the typical 24/7 “always-on” work culture is causing increased employee burnout. Now more than ever when our home space has also become our workspace, we need to give ourselves time to:

– Go for a long socially distanced walk,
– Visit the park with a friend or even,
– Enjoy a glass of wine under these beautiful summer skies.

Many of us would have had two or even three long weekend getaways by now and these times away make us more productive at work. We come back with new energy to put back into our work and make those sales happen or manage our campaigns with more enthusiasm and ideas! Take leave days, you deserve them.

Keep an eye out for training opportunities

Now is the perfect time to be bettering yourself and advancing your skillset. While some of you may be more flooded with work than ever others of us have more free time to upgrade ourselves and businesses who invest in their employees almost always reap the rewards. β€œThe only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” – Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motor Company. The world as we knew it has changed and who knows if it will ever go back. Would we even want it to go back? We all need to be prepared for that. So, we think it is a good time to keep upgrading our software, our business, and our employees.

Set ground rules

We at LeadByte have set times that we all need to be available. These ground rules have helped us because as a result, we have had very few if any, miscommunications as to why a colleague was not online at the time of a conference call or meeting. Constant communication is way forward for us, if we are busy on a call, we will let the team know when we will be free again. If it’s a walk, again we communicate that, will be back at my desk around three if you need me. Keeping a constant dialogue, we all know who is available and when. That way we all know who is doing what and we don’t have anyone pestering anyone when they are not available.

What are some things your team does while working from home? We would love to hear how you are managing the new era! Click here or the image below to get in touch.


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