What Is Lead Management And Why It Matters?

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As a lead management business, it makes sense that we would tell you how important lead management software is and why it’s essential in the lead generation industry. In this article, we are going to outline what lead management is and why it matters.

What is lead management?

For those of you who do not know what lead management is, it is the system that tracks and manages potential customers which usually ends in a sale. This process is an effective tool to use hand in hand with lead generation.

At LeadByte this process includes (but is not limited to):
The tracking of campaigns within the lead generation industry
Distribution and Validation: leads are validated and distributed to buyers you choose.
Lead capture: you can receive leads from multiple sources in real-time through our API!
Reporting: real-time reporting for you so you can change campaigns that are failing ASAP.
Account management: ticket management and support team.
Landing pages: drag and drop, user friendly, fully functional, and optimized.
Last but certainly not least, a lead management system assists with lead nurturing in the form of bulk SMS and email.

Why does lead management matter?

Ultimately, lead management is one of the most effective tools your business can use to help you save time and make more money! Interested? You should be! Here are just three of the many reasons why lead management matters:

Track your leads
In the past lead tracking has not been essential, some businesses tracked their leads and some did not. Now, tracking leads is of the utmost importance! Do you know how well your leads are performing? Do you change the way your campaigns run if they fail? How well are your buyers and suppliers doing? These are not only the questions you want to know, they are the ones you need to have answered in order for your lead and marketing campaigns to function at their optimum level. These statistics will help you improve your business strategies across the board and with our lead management software they can be monitored daily but all team members. This effective software ensures that your team does not spend hours on end manually checking through data but rather minutes looking at our hourly updates, leaving your employees with extra time to work on more business-critical tasks! No more manual tracking, let us get you up and running with digital tracking.

Nurture your leads
If you are not nurturing your leads, we can almost guarantee that your business is losing money! Some prospects may not be ready to commit at the time you reach them but this does not mean that they will never be ready. Lead nurturing or re-marketing is one of the reasons our current clients love working with LeadByte! Our software enables clients to choose the time SMSs and Emails go out, they are also data compliant with opt-out options, in addition to this, you can also personalise messages! Thereafter, we monitor and report back to you with information on how successful your re-marketing efforts were! To read more about how this can benefit your business click here.

Choose where your leads are distributed ahead of time! You can save time and money by distributing leads before leads come in. This way you can select buyers that better benefit you. At LeadByte, our clients love that they can pick between weighted, priority, and hybrid distribution. Weighted distribution allows clients to give preference to buyers based on a number of personal factors (age gender etc), leads are offered to these buyers first before any others and then filter down until they are all sold. On the other hand, priority distribution works best when dealing with buyers who will pay more for certain leads. Our clients can then make those buyers a priority so leads are offered to them first and thereafter filter down to buyers who will pay less. And lastly, we have hybrid distribution, which is a big win for many of our clients. This distribution enables clients to set the distribution to start as a priority and then switch to weighted if priority fails! If you need to save time and money, lead distribution is a sure-fire way to do that! Want to know more? Click here!


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