Saving Time Through Automation To Spend It With Those Who Matter During COVID-19

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Annnd we are BACK with some new tips that will help your business prosper through the coronavirus outbreak which should allow you to spend more time with those that matter. It is our goal to keep your company running smoothly and automation is one of the most effective ways of doing that! Lucky for you, LeadByte has the perfect features to automate and aid your lead generation efforts that will give you more time as well as boost your sales. Excited about automation yet?

Take a look at the article below for more information on how it all works.

Start With Your Distribution

We know you would love to spend more time with those that are close to you during these unprecedented, strange times, but many of you have businesses to run as well. This is why LeadByte has the perfect lead distribution features to help you spend your valuable limited hours wisely so you can make the most out of the current situation.
The lead generation industry, in particular, requires necessary precautions to be taken to ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. LeadByte automates and optimises your lead distribution process. This not only creates more time for you and your business, but it also guarantees and maximizes your ROI on every lead. Basically, it’s a win, win, WIN! Enjoy playing cards and spending time together while our software takes care of your business. Here are just some of the time-saving features we offer:

Advanced Distribution
Here at LeadByte, we have three options for how you choose to have your leads distributed: priority, weighted and hybrid. All have the ability to maximise each lead’s ROI depending on your verticle and leave you with some time to play cards with the family whilst our software does the heavy lifting!

Weighted Distribution: distribute leads between multiple buyers equally (think round-robin) or according to a weighting of your choice.

Priority Distribution: perfect when dealing with buyers willing to pay more for the same type of leads. Maximise ROI by prioritising the top paying buyers first when distributing leads.

Hybrid Distribution: a distribution method split up into groups. The lead will follow Group 1’s delivery setup first & only move to Group 2’s delivery setup if unsold. With Hybrid, you can combine Weighted & Priority methods.

SMS & Email Delivery

Save time and automate your lead delivery! At LeadByte, our clients can have their leads delivered to buyers via SMS or email automatically and how they choose. This is an especially effective feature if you are wanting to save some time.

Trigger-Based Delivery

This fabulously effective feature saves you time and money by automating your lead delivery. We have a variety of automated settings that assist businesses with their efficiency meaning they have more time to focus on other business-critical tasks or in this case so you have more time with your family. You can set up your services with LeadByte in such a way that they trigger deliveries when you need through the REST API.


Automation and real-time are best friends. You need to be able to collect, validate and distribute (as we explained above) in real-time. We save you precious time and money by enabling our clients to validate their data in real-time. If your campaign is failing then you should know sooner rather than later and we give you that information as and when you need it. Leadbyte allows you to develop bespoke landing pages with zero coding experience that captures high-quality leads and redistributes them in your chosen way to selected buyers in real-time. Our validation services are customizable according to your needs which saves you time, the valuable time you could be spending with your loved ones in this challenging time.

Saving time is all about being able to evaluate data in real-time. LeadByte ensures you’re able to create bespoke landing pages with no coding experience that automatically capture high quality leads compliantly and then distribute them to your network of lead buyers in real-time. Why does it save so much time? You can set up highly customizable validation services in a way that works for you!

System Alerts

Lead generation and management usually require your full attention especially when you are manually monitoring them, meaning you will be spending hours in your home office while the family enjoys time together in the next room. We want you to have your proverbial cake and eat it too! Our system has alerts that you can set up to ensure that you are updated and informed as and when it is needed. If you have no alerts you have no need to be at your desk, give LeadByte a call and get ready for more family time.


We have said it before and we will say it again: reports are the backbone of any business and automation in reports make them all the more effective. LeadByte’s automated report scheduling helps increase your productivity by automatically scheduling any of your LeadByte reports to the times that suit you! This on average saves you 8 hours a year! Reporting is essential to your business as it allows you to analyse what is working and what it is failing, that way you do not have to waste time or money on strategies that are no longer succeeding in these new times. Analyse your data and evaluate how to spend your budget in such a way that will increase its effectiveness.

In addition to the above, automation is an effective cost cutting strategy, as Haresh Sippy says, “Automation is cost cutting by tightening the corners and not cutting them.” Tighten your businesses corners with LeadByte and take some of this time to be with your family. Click here to see our demo!

Bonus Tip – Put Out An OFFER!

Most businesses are taking strain with the current state of the state of the world. Your prospects would really appreciate a sale or discount. Why not create an offer that your target market cannot refuse? Once again automation can help you do that! Put out a SALE, discount or offer for a limited time so you reward clients and prospects who are interested in your service now and who will continue to support you even after the coronavirus. That way you generate more leads and through our automated features, our system will manage them giving you more time to help out at home!

“LeadByte has replaced lots of processes that we used to do manually. We’re now in a position where it saves me and my colleagues several hours a week due to the technology doing the work. The time I save I’m going to invest in the landing page-options that LeadByte offers. I can’t wait…”

Based on this recent recommendation on our Google Business Account, you could use our automation to help make the most of working from home, spending more time with those that matter.


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