Top 5 LeadByte Features To Help You During Lockdown

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Let’s be honest, over this period of lockdown we all need help. Whether it’s at home with cleaning/looking after children or in our businesses with managing/nurturing leads, the list goes on! Our goal at LeadByte is to help YOU as much as we possibly can so that your company continues to thrive over these unprecedented economically trying times! This is why we have come up with a list of features we know will assist your company today as well as in the months to come!

Real-time Lead Capture

First and foremost you need to be capturing your leads successfully before you can hope to have a successful lead generation campaign. More especially in lockdown, it is imperative that your leads are captured and sorted through in real-time to boost those sales-rates. LeadByte’s software is second to none when it comes to capturing leads. Why? Because you can receive leads from multiple sources (in real-time) through our API, LeadByte’s drag and drop landing page forms, or through importing CSV forms. In addition to these essential features, our lead capture software will also give you access to:

Custom survey tools;
Easy to use web forms;
Import CSV data direct to your account;
Handle API feeds easily;
And be Facebook and social media ready!

Unrivaled Customer Support

In a highly competitive industry, we are well known for the superb level of support we offer our clients, aiming to go above and beyond what is expected. In this unprecedented time, we all need services that endeavor to do just that. Client satisfaction is just the cherry on top of our awesome market-leading global software. We have had people choose to work with us as a result of this, their main issue with their previous LMSs being poor customer service. Often they have heard that LeadByte never ignores clients no matter how big or small the issue.

We understand that time is money and when you are dealing with real-time lead capture, validation and distribution, we know you need a team that can help you keep things running according to plan all day every day, should you need it. Here’s the support we’re able to provide LeadByte clients:

Effective and efficient ticketing system;
Dedicated Skype support;
On-call support;
Screen sharing for training;
And free account reviews!

It is easy enough for us to tell you how much our clients value our customer support, but we would rather have our clients tell you:

Click here to see just some of our five-star reviews 

And click here to have a read through this case study on just one customer we went the extra mile for and how it helped their business!

Lead Nurturing/Remarketing

This is the perfect time to reach out to old leads, many of us are so busy in our normal everyday lives that we may have missed out on following through with a plan or opportunity. Now is the time to re-engage past prospects and see if they would be interested in working with your company, find a use for your service, or enjoy your product. This can all be achieved using LeadByte’s awesome lead nurturing features such as our SMS/email Autoresponders and Bulk SMS. When using these features it’s important to remember:

Timing is everything: When does your target market want to receive a message from you? You need to test that and come up with the perfect time to send out your remarketing SMS’s.
No need to stress about time-zones and awkward hours: Our software will enable you to automate the times you need to send out messages. If this feature is of particular interest to you, then have a read through this blog as it is more in-depth and can give you a better understanding of how we can help you.
Keep it personal: There is nothing worse than receiving a non-specific message that does not even have your name at the top. Our software will allow you to personalise SMS and emails to help you get the boost in sales you need.
Always include an opt-out: In this day and age with GDPR having been in place for over a year there is really no excuse to send out an email/SMS without one. Luckily for you, our software has all the compliance you need to be on the safe side. If you need a refresher on GDPR, take a look here.

To read more about our awesome lead nurturing features click here!

Easy To Create Landing Pages

With most of the globe spending an increased amount of time online due to covid19, it is more important than ever to have an effective landing page. This is where LeadByte can assist your business in a very big way. With our drag and drop feature, you need no coding experience to make the most of our landing pages and optimize your lead generation. We partnered up with Landingi to give you over 100 templates, mobile responsive, Facebook compatibility and so much more with our landing pages. In addition to these magnificent (and essential) systems, you can also choose how your leads are delivered with our software. Now is the time to ensure you have the very best services at your disposal and this is just one feature you can guarantee is working at its optimum capacity to bring you more leads and boost your sales.

Alerts And Real-time Reporting

It is unlikely that we will ever have an excess of free time in our working lives again any time soon which is why it is worth using this time to see how effective our campaigns are and what we can do to improve them. The only way to do that is to look at the statistics. Now if you have no figures to refer to how can you tell whether your lead generation is working effectively or as effectively as it should be. With LeadByte, we offer your business access to comprehensive reports in real-time along with custom alerts to ensure that you are updated and informed if one of your campaigns needs your attention. By the time we are out of lockdown you will have read through your reports, set up your custom alerts, adapted your campaigns, and as a result, have the most streamlined campaigns.

If you think any of these features can help your business during the lockdown, then please get in touch with us or request a free demo here: 


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