The Importance of Granular Supplier Tracking

In this piece, we’ll showcase the benefits of tracking your leads at a granular level as well as the other impacts it has on your reputation as a marketer.

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Food is life. Knowing where your food is sourced links the gap between the farm, your table and ultimately your wellbeing. How long has the food been stored? Where did the meat come from and how was it raised? How were the fruits grown? Did any genetic engineering take place? Is it organic? We sometimes ponder these questions when making choices about what we eat, and rightly so because health is wealth.

Likewise, tracking your lead suppliers at a granular level is vital in many ways. The quality of leads we generate, broker, or buy could determine our revenue, bottom line and ultimately our campaigns performance. This might not be as important as the food we eat but certainly, a contributor to the quality of foods we can afford right?

In this piece, we’ll showcase the benefits of tracking your leads at a granular level as well as the other impacts it has on your reputation as a marketer.

Goal & Strategy

As a marketer, you should always have a strategy and goal in place when launching a campaign. For most of us in the Lead Generation space, the goal will likely be to generate X number of sales during a set time period. Furthermore, the strategy might be to reach this goal using multiple online advertising channels, Social Media Advertising & Paid Search being perfect examples. After the campaign ends, you measure the results and the effectiveness of each advertising channel.

Furthermore, the advertiser will go into their next campaign with more knowledge, thus allocating more of the budget towards the advertising channel that performed the best. This is a no-brainer.

The Sub Supplier

Driving traffic to a landing page via paid search turned out to be your highest performing strategy. However, you go one step further and implement A/B testing in your next campaign. Your Google search ads are supplying the leads and the two experimental landing pages turn into sub-supplier. This then allows you to identify which landing page works best, further optimising the marketing campaign, and ultimately your ROI.

Just like a manufacturer will always track its suppliers and sub-suppliers, Marketers should be doing the same. For both parties this is crucial for generating high-quality prospects, complying with the regulation standards and ultimately generating sales. This ideology can be applied to Brokers and Advertisers through their lead suppliers.

Tracking your suppliers and their lead performance is a feature used by many clients within LeadByte. This is known as SID. However, we’ve gone a tier lower and introduced the concept of SSID (Sub Supplier Identification). This enables users to track at a second-tier level, providing them with a more granular view of how their suppliers and sub-suppliers are performing.

Perhaps you’ve introduced a new lead broker for your call centre and contact rates improved. SSID will enable you to track your broker’s individual supplier to identify which one is performing. From this, you might want to pay more for the highest performing lead source to for a higher ROI.


SSID is also vital for GDPR. Under this regulation, it’s essential that the information collected, processed and stored meet the regulation requirements. Therefore as a marketer you should 1, always keep note of the recorded consent in the obligatory legal manner. 2, inform these prospects about how their information is processed & stored. For marketers brokering or buying leads, this can be tough to stay on top of, especially when you’re receiving thousands of leads a day from multiple sources.

SSID makes this process more manageable. With this granular level of tracking, lead buyers are able to identify their lead sub-suppliers to further ensure that information such as opt-out statements & consent is compliant. With LeadByte you can record the optinURL, Optin IP Address, terms of consent and channel consent against every lead you receive.

Afterall, LeadByte provides you with the tools and support that enables you to manage leads in confidence. Furthermore, our account managers will help assure that you have all the tools and support to stay complaint throughout your campaigns.

Discover our full feature list here. If you’re excited about what you see then be sure to request a demo here and discover the full capabilities of LeadByte today.

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