The Importance of Data Validation

Data quality is vital for guaranteeing accurate & reliable leads. Explore LeadByte's validation services & discover how you could become more efficient.

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First-class analytics can only happen with quality data. There’s an old saying out there that goes ‘rubbish in = rubbish out’ – and it still holds very true. Quality of data is vital in order to guarantee accuracy & reliability.

We’re in an incredibly advanced digital era. We have the tools available to us to filter and cleanse prospects data before they’re acquired as a lead – this should be a standard across all industries. It’s especially vital for larger companies operating in multiple geographical locations that are looking to cuts cost. You’d think that companies are taking advantage of these easily accessible tools right? Here are some quick stats…

LeadByte Stats

A recent analysis conducted from our platform suggested that up to 65% of leads from CPL (Cost Per Lead) driven campaigns were false leads, the general average was over 29%. Essentially, your £50 CPL is probably likely to be £65 or even as high as £83! Nevertheless, it’s a significant percentage. This is a lot of time and resources wasted on invalid data. Furthermore, if there’s no validation system in place for incoming leads then it’s almost impossible to understand the effectiveness of the lead generation activity ie: SEO & PPC. If you aren’t already aware of the other impacts of bad data then here’s a little reminder…

Impact of Bad Data

Bad data can have a negative impact on an organisation (not just financially related). Here follow two example cases; the first being a call centre and the second a marketer that acquires opt-in leads to convert into online sales via email marketing.

Case 1 – The Call Centre

Call Centre Ltd acquire leads from multiple affiliates via their hosted landing page and as a direct opt-in feed from sponsored surveys.  Leads are saved to their in-house CRM, which sends a copy of the lead to their dialler where an agent is ready to dial the prospect in hope of a sale/conversion (which they rely on for their commission). The agent relies on the marketing team to work with trusted affiliates and put in place checks to ensure that interest is non incentivised and data has been validated correctly i.e. telephone number is formatted correctly.

Thousands of leads are generated daily and zero validation is done on the data.  Three things happen:

  1. Agents get frustrated and demotivated due to the poor quality leads. They lose focus, faith and go into their next call with an unenthusiastic mindset affecting data that may be of quality.  
  2. The affiliates get paid for the bad data costing the business a significant amount of money on a daily basis.
  3. The campaign is no longer sustainable (financially) with affiliates and agents start leaving in search of a better commission deal with a competitor.

Bear in mind that all of this could have been prevented if there was a quality validation system in place. Take into account 1,000’s of leads, multiple campaigns and you have a notable dent in your bottom line. 

Case 2 – The Email Marketer

David has just launched a new e-commerce site selling awesome toys for kids.  He has cracked social media and SEO and is making good money. He uses MailX (his local ESP) for all his mailouts, which works like a dream. MailX reputation is perfect and his delivery is fantastic.

David wants to grow his database quickly to drive more traffic to his website so he is introduced to co-registration and is sold on how effective it can be. A week later, the campaign goes live and leads are sent directly into his MailX account.  Duplicates are rejected by default but email validation is not part of the service. Leads come in, auto-responder goes out but bounce rates go up – eeek!  What David failed to realise that his co-registration sources do not email validate their registrations so is hitting his ESP (and 1,000’s of other leads).  Within a few days, his reputation with MailX is poor, they suspend his account and his revenue from his existing customers is no longer a reality.

Email reputation is everything when it comes to inbox delivery. Dead email addresses, spam traps or catch all accounts can have a significant impact on your delivery.  Email validation is a must for any company generating leads where email marketing is key to generating customers!

How LeadByte can help you with your Validation

Here at LeadByte, we offer a whole host of customisable validation services to suit whatever kind of leads you’re trying to capture.



Avoid acquiring leads that already exist in your database. You can upload your existing database in MD5# format too.

Email Validation

Quickly verify your email data to gain insight into the quality and deliverability for each contact.

HLR Validation

HLR Validation checks that the number is live on the network by sending a request to the network provider for the status. This information is provided by the networks in milliseconds.

PAF (Postcode Address File – UK only)

This provides you with the latest, most accurate UK address data.

Landline Validation

We connect to the backbone of the networks to check if a number exists or not. Although not as popular these days as mobile validation, it is still used by many of our call centre clients. Landline validation is UK only unlike mobile, which is international.

Custom Filters & Lists

We provide the ability to create your own filters and lists such as “Trending Names” and “Profanity Words”. Use your own or use our pre-created library.

IP VAlidation

We validate the IP address of online customers. IP addresses can reveal the general location of the prospect. If you are running campaigns in various GEO’s you can enable this service to ensure that the opt-in IP address is local to the market.

Telephone Preference Service (UK)

This service is a central opt out register which the public can register to opt-out of unsolicited sales or marketing calls. LeadByte holds and updates this list daily. With access to this, you can cross check your list and ensure that you are not breaking the law by contacting people you should not be.

Do Not Call Register (DNCR Australia)

Similar to the TPS  but only applicable to the Australia. LeadByte have real-time access the DNCR, therefore, individuals in Australia on this list SHOULD NOT receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. If this law is broken then your business could encounter a hefty fine. Stay protected by cross-checking your leads against this register.

Our packages start from just £299 p/m…and right now we’re offering 50% off your first 3 months, so why not drop us a message and arrange a time for a demo here.

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