Statistics That Show Why You NEED Lead Management Software

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What is a lead management system? Why have you heard so much about it? Why do you need one so badly? We are here to let the statistics do the talking! A lead management system is extremely valuable because it helps your business and you bring in MORE leads AND it ultimately SAVES you money! How? Let us show you!

Real-time Reports

Did you know; emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds! Without reporting and analysing we wouldn’t accurately be able to change our business strategies to suit the new world. Statistics and reporting show how effective analytics and more especially how important real-time reporting is in a company’s digital infrastructure. Not just for lead management software but for everything you do. If your lead generation campaign is failing to reach your target market and you don’t have real-time reports, you are wasting valuable time and money. Many people and businesses alike succeed through trial and error so you need to know when you are succeeding and when you are failing in real-time so you can adapt immediately. At LeadByte, we ensure you are able to check your campaigns in real-time and change them according to how effectively they are working.

Multiple Lead Source Capture

Did you know that using a lead management system and utilizing our multiple lead source capture can result in your business bringing in up to 40% more leads and a 29% increase on sold leads! If that doesn’t convince you that a lead management system is essential to your company nothing will! Why is multiple lead source capture so effective? Because we enable our clients to see a variety of distribution options before the lead comes in and then you can ultimately decide which route you would like your leads to follow so you can get the best return on your investment. This is essentially the reason why having multiple buyers in your lead management system is so worth it! We at LeadByte can assist you even further with our various distribution methods which you can learn more about here.

Lack Of Growth

Recent research and statistics have shown that 62% of all businesses that have continued to trade reported their turnover has been lower than normal in the month of May. Especially now with COVID reducing some businesses’ workload, growth is all the more important. Many companies simply cannot afford to carry on slowly but steadily. Most businesses now need pace and quick returns which is where a lead management system comes into play. Not having a lead management system can further derail your company’s growth. Your business was born out of necessity and to help people; don’t let it die a slow death. When you manually input your leads, it takes up your employee’s time unnecessarily. That time can be used more for business-essential tasks and you can have your leads managed with LeadBytes highly effective software.

Streamline Your Lead Generation & Management Efforts

Did you know that lead-nurturing emails get as much as 10 times the response rate compared to standalone emails? This can only work if your lead generation and management operations are in sync so you can re-nurture your leads with complete accuracy. When you have all your information centralized on one dashboard you can begin using them to work with and benefit one another. When you use LeadByte, you can view a variety of ongoing activities and metrics on one dashboard, in real-time! Leads from your lead generation are entered after validation and leads are then delivered to the center in real-time. Therefore, calls can be made at the time they come in meaning the lead is more likely to convert.

More Time To Make More Money!

At LeadByte, we save you up to 10 hours per week on average when you sign up for our lead management system. And as the saying goes time is money especially in this economy! A lead management system ensures you have more time to spend on bringing in business than you normally would should you have to spend that time manually inputting data. More than that a lead management system helps you save money on SMS and email costs. Validating your data before sending out SMS and emails means you may be contacting dead or invalid leads. No one can afford to waste that kind of money. We used our effective reporting to analyze a client’s campaign and established that prior to using our system 1780 of 70 000 were rejected! 1780 SMSs would have been sent out and that money wasted had we not picked it up.

Are you on the fence about lead management systems and how they can help you? Do you need a gateway to the industry? LeadByte is here to help kick start your lead generation activity. Request a free demo by clicking the here or the image below!


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