Responding to the latest iOS on Facebook Ads

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‘Adapt or die’ seems to be the moral of the story for 2020. A pandemic, Goggles new 2% tax ruling, and now the new iOS update. The update to iOS 14 is said to have a serious impact, with up to a 50% decrease in traffic on audience advertising networks. This is of course going to have an adverse effect on the lead generation industry. We have come up with a few ways your business can work around these changes and adapt to the new order.

What is the new iOS update and how will it affect Facebook Ads?

Apple has not yet announced the iOS 14 launch date, but it’s believed it will be this year. Facebook has released a detailed blog with information on the steps it plans to take in order to ensure businesses can still advertise on the platform in compliance with the new Apple feature.

In today’s world of Facebook advertising, marketers can use something called IDFA, a unique ID number used to better target ads. iOS 14 threatens that, in the new Apple update, each app that wants to work and use the IDFA will have to have users opt in first. Facebook will not be collecting from the IDFA in iOS14 causing the 50% drop in traffic across advertising networks. 

Android users will not be affected by the change and therefore businesses utilizing Facebook will still have an audience to target, it just won’t be as large as it is now. Facebook generates much of its revenue through advertising, although it’s not known what percentage. In the blog post they released, Facebook have said they have taken steps to comply with the new iOS14 terms, but without being able to do targeted personalized ads it may not make sense to advertise on iOS14 in the months to come.

How can you work around this change so your lead generation is not adversely affected?

If Facebook is the main platform through which you generate leads, now would be the time to do some restructuring. There are many ways to generate leads and as the digital world grows many of those ways will change over time. Facebook will be changed by iOS14 so here are a few ways you can alter your advertising strategies so as not to be affected as severely by it:

  • Be aware that not all users of Facebook have iPhones

While a large majority of people around the world use Apple, Android users will not be affected by the iOS14 update. Therefore, businesses will still get an estimated 50% of the audience they are used to getting. That’s 50% of users your business can still target using Facebook ads. 

  • There are other platforms you can use to generate leads

Facebook is not the only advertising platform on the internet.. Now is the time for your company to strategize, to find new ways of generating leads that work. Often investing in a lead management system is an effective technique as it will allow you to see where most of your validated, quality leads are coming from, that way you know where to spend more of your money. Try branching out by utilising platforms such as LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, Instagram and even TikTok. And if it’s a lead management software you’re after, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

  • Enhance your adverts

Facebook advertisement has helped marketers in such a way that almost any ad can reach its desired audience with relative ease, meaning advertisers may have become somewhat complacent when creating new content that speaks to their target market. Now, as it becomes increasingly harder to reach target audiences, it is vitally important to step up your marketing game by creating content that resonates with iOS14 users without the help of targeting software.

  • Maximise your ROI

It is extremely important in the months that follow to track and validate leads that come in, especially when iOS14 is introduced. It will be in your company’s best interests to track the campaigns you are running on Facebook and see how effective they are. If you cannot see where your campaigns are successful and where they are not, you are wasting precious time and money. LeadByte software will enable you to determine if Facebook is still a viable place for you to generate leads, and if so how to maximise your revenue. If not, you won’t waste money on ad campaigns that are ineffective or that bring in invalid leads. 


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