The Real Cost Of Lead Fraud & How To Combat It Effectively

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What is lead fraud?

Essentially lead fraud is something (usually a bot), or someone generating bogus leads. Fraudulent leads can come from many different sources, and infiltrate your lead generation campaigns with ease, costing you time, money and effort. Whilst fraudulent leads are a reality of the lead generation industry, there is a lot that you (as a lead seller or lead buyer) can do to limit the financial impact that bogus data can have on your campaigns.

How can lead fraud impact & damage your campaigns?

You launch a brand new campaign, marketing to 10,000 newly acquired leads. Without the right methods of detection you have no way of knowing how many of those 10,000 leads could be fraudulent, invalid and bogus, with zero chance of ever converting. Take into account the time and cost implications of marketing to those leads, trying to push them through lead nurturing schedule, you run the risk of seeing very little ROI without the right Lead Managment Platform.

Are you at risk?

If you acquire leads from your network of publishers, you’ll already know how important it is to build a strong and dependable relationship before accepting leads into your campaign. Unfortunately, though a rarity, you can never be 100% sure that your leads are always coming from a 100% reputable source (especially if you publisher is brokering leads through their network). Without direct line of sight, you have to assume that leads have not been vetted for validity; this is where the right lead management platform can provide you with the tools to catch the invalid leads before they hit your schedule.

How can you recognise & combat lead fraud?

  • Manage your leads responsibly with a lead management system – A good lead management system will provide you with the right tools to detect and remove fraudulent leads at the point of entry. Being proactive when it comes to lead fraud detection is an absolute essential – it’s far more challenging and costly to detect fraudulent leads once they have already made it into your system. Here at LeadByte we provide one of the most comprehensive suites of lead fraud detection on the market to ensure that no stone is left un-turned!
  • Know your data – We have a number of clients who know their data inside out. Whilst they still benefit from our fraud detection services, they can also instantly spot changes in the pattern of their data. Taking the time to understand your lead demographics and lead patterns can really pay off when it comes to detecting irregularities.

Case Study – Online Lead Generator

Prior to using LeadByte, a LeadByte client was struggling with lead fraud, specifically receiving leads from affiliates to their landing page which ultimately would be sent to their buyer.  Not only would leads be sent onto their client but the leads would be sent an email and SMS.  The result of the lead fraud was hugely damaging; they lost the client, their ESP and spent a huge amount of money on SMS notifications.

What changed using LeadByte?  IP validation, device validation, HLR validation, Email validation, profanity validation and irregular lead activity monitoring.  By using LeadByte the client eliminated over 48% of what would have been fraudulent and invalid leads.  We are please to say that the client is back on board and they are now charging more for their leads due to the uplift in quality.

Not only do we provide the tech to combat fraud but we also have a team of experienced LeadGeeks that can really add value outside of everything tech; new sources of leads, optimiSation of sites and making sure that you are fully compliant.

Panic not! We’re here to help!

As market leaders in providing software for the lead generation industry we’ve got everything covered when it comes to helping detect fraudulent data BEFORE it financially impacts your campaigns. We’d love to talk you through our comprehensive fraud detection processes, and let you test drive the platform to see just how simple and cost effective it is to manage your leads through a comprehensive and responsible lead management system.

Our packages start from just £299 p/m…and right now we’re offering 50% off your first month, so why not drop us a message and arrange a time for a demo here.

Take control of your data quality, stop wasting time and money on fraudulent and invalid leads, and drive forwards successful, strengthened and profitable campaigns today.

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