LeadByte The Team

“As individuals we couldn’t be more different, as a team it just works really well!”

From the very first day that we put pen to paper and created LeadByte the brand, the people behind it have always been one of the main reasons that we’ve achieved so much as a company.


CEO / Little Dog

Perhaps the most crucial role of all—Buster is our LeadByte office dog. He tries to take on shredding duties from time to time (before we knew we wanted to shred it), tends to be one of the needier members of the team, and will more than likely do anything for a gravy bone.



Client Accounts Director / Protein King

Craig heads up our Account Management team, working with our clients to create campaigns, integrations and auto responders to fully optimise their accounts. On top of this, he’s also our office PT & nutritionist, healthy body—healthy mind!

“It’s a dream to work with such a well-developed and seamless platform. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get it there, and its continually evolving, so I’m always excited to see what’s next!”


Chief Tech Officer / Johnny-Five

As CTO and co-founder of LeadByte, Jamie is responsible for the system running like clockwork and managing our technical team (both programmers and Amazon engineers).

Jamie’s focus is making sure the platform scales seamlessly with our international expansion plans and translating all business needs into a sound technical solution.

“I’m excited about growing our technical team in our new tech HQ! I’m very proud of what we have built, we have come so far in such a small window”


Financial Controller / The Grappler

Liz ensures that the financials of the company are in good order and that our trade relationships run smoothly. Liz’s background is banking, so she has a good eye for numbers and is a stickler for timely payments.

“They call me The Grappler, still don’t know why”


Managing Director / Big Dog

As Managing Director and co-founder of LeadByte, Anthony is responsible for the business on a day-to-day basis working closely with the team, clients and partners. Anthony’s focus is international expansion and partnerships!

“I love the business that LeadByte has become. It’s success has come from good people, hard-work and a desire to make our clients successful.”


Full Stack Developer / Snake Enthusiast

Rob is a LeadByte PHP coder; what you see on the platform (front end and back) he contributes to in a BIG way. Rob works on the UI, backend and anything that the business needs code wise.

“Exciting times ahead! Its great to be part of the team, such an awesome product built in such a small time frame. Everyday is different (not the weather in Middlesborough).”


DB & AWS Manager / The Nocturnal One

Stuart is our DB & Amazon network engineer (GURU). He makes sure that our platform is getting the love it deserves from our AWS partnership and keeps the DB online. He works closely with Jamie to ensure that the system is not under strain, constantly monitoring, constantly monitoring, constantly monitoring!

“Stuart ensures that our servers are running 24/7. We are still not sure when he gets the time to sleep but we are sure the 10,000 cups of coffee (and counting) are something to do with it. New Years Resolution…. Bed for 9pm with a Horlicks.”


Business Development Director / Jake Gyllenhaal

Darah’s primary focus is on growing the LB client base. Additionally, he’s tasked with helping clients to maximise their use of LeadByte & provides attentive support on a daily basis. Funnily enough, he is also the resident office celebrity in his spare time.

“I am very excited to be a part of such an innovative and rapidly expanding tech company and I’m looking forward to providing the best support to LeadByte clients. Although, I still don’t think I look like Jake! (Well, maybe a little)”


Marketing Manager / Mac-Attack

Macaullay helps to develop sales strategies, marketing campaigns and promotes LeadByte through various forms of digital media.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to work for such an incredible, forward-thinking team that’s made me feel at home since day one. I genuinely couldn’t be more excited about the direction LeadByte is heading!”


Software Support Engineer / The Magic Man

It’s all systems go for Sam ensuring we maintain our unrivaled customer support and satisfaction.

“It’s refreshing to work at a company that values its individuals so much. Also, what do you call a dog that can do magic? A Labracadabrador.”


Content Specialist

Shannon enriches LeadByte with new articles, guides, social media content, you name it! Shannons informative contributions not only add value to our clients but, to the lead generation industry as a whole!

“I have really enjoyed learning and growing with LeadByte. They have a passionate team of people who genuinely care about one another and want the very best for their clients. If you’re looking for great software, excellent support and a new friend or two, you have come to right place! “


Business Development Manager

Lewis helps drive the business forward, acting as the key point of contact between LeadByte and its clients.

“I am very excited to be part of such a forward-thinking, innovative team. I am looking forward to maximising client results & assisting with growth and expansion into new & existing markets.”


QA Test Engineer

Sowji creates tests to identify potential issues with our software and new features before launch. With Sowji’s help, we’re able to ensure your LeadByte experience is of the highest quality possible.

“I am delighted to be part of this team !! Quality is not an act, it is a habit”



Raheel helps build and create LeadByte’s industry-leading software. With Raheel’s help, we’re able to bring you the latest features in the market to maintain the standard we’re famous for!

“I am very excited to be working at Leadbyte. It is a great opportunity to work on such a sophisticated platform and learn from an experienced team.”


Distribute Leads

LeadByte enables you to automate the routine of lead distribution via API or export schedules, all of which can be based on custom rules.