Lead Distribution Best Practices

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Lead distribution is the automated delivery of digital leads to various different salespeople, lead buyers, or even software solutions parties. If you only have one buyer and that buyer rejects a lead, you have potentially lost a sale which in turn affects the campaign. Successful lead generation sees multiple buyers so you can maximise lead ROI by offering rejected leads to other buyers! LeadByte’s lead distribution offers companies the opportunity to capture leads quickly, efficiently and then cleverly re-route them to their chosen destination based on certain factors.

So, what are LeadByte’s best lead distribution features? Multiple channel capture and distribution, advanced distribution in the form of weighted, priority and hybrid distribution and lastly, CRM integration. In this post, we are going to show you how our best practices will help you monetize and maximise your leads to boost your ROI! This way you, we ensure you are making the most out of every single lead generated.

Multiple Channel Capture and Engagement

Multiple channel capture ensures that information is captured and delivered from multiple different systems such as Fax, Facebook, telephone, etc. No matter where the lead comes from, after that point, the lead distribution from there on is the same across all channels. The main concept behind having multiple channel capture in lead distribution is to ensure your business never loses time and leads and it guarantees you a conversation with your customers. 

Advanced Distribution

This is the main area of lead distributions best practices in which we happen to be total pros! Weighted distribution enables our users to validate and distribute leads in real-time based on the weights they have allocated to various buyers. To ensure your business always gets the best lead distribution from us we are always checking that lead allocation is correct so you can keep maximising on your ROI. 

Priority distribution works a little differently, it is another way that LeadByte maintains lead distributions best practices so your business makes more! Priority lead distribution increases ROI by ensuring that buyers who pay more are prioritized first when distributing leads. For example, if buyer 1 pays the most per lead, the lead will be offered to them first, should buyer 1 pass up on that lead, the lead will then be presented to buyer 2 who is the next highest paying buyer. 


In previous years, LeadByte used weighted and priority distribution for clients and it worked well, as explained above. Now, we have a hybrid distribution that combines the two and has been highly effective! You can develop groups that have both priority and weighted delivery types. If you need your lead distribution to start as priority then switch to weighted if that fails then our hybrid method is the lead distribution method for you. Your lead will start with group 1 (priority distribution) the lead will be passed to buyer 1 then 2 and 3, if all buyers in group 1 pass up on the lead, it is then passed on to group 2  (weighted distribution) and makes its way to the top-weighted buyer of group 2! 

If you feel that any or all of these methods of lead distribution would suit you then please click here to see our demo, we promise you won’t be disappointed! 

CRM Integration

In addition to having your leads validated and distributed in real-time, it is essential that you integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) into your lead distribution system. Why? Wherever your lead originates from, LeadByte will put it through to your CRM that way every conversation you’ve ever had is put into this system so that any employee who speaks to a customer has the same correct information as the last person. This makes for a seamless sales process and ensures that a sale can be made faster and more effectively.“There is nothing more valuable than a spotless reputation” – William Shakespeare

We hope this article has allowed you to see how LeadBytes best lead distribution practices can assist your business in monetizing your leads and increasing sales! If that is the case then we would love to have a chat with you! Let’s start the conversation by clicking the image below to request a free LeadByte demo.


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