How Will The Lead Generation Industry Change Post COVID-19?

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This is the question in both your minds and ours. What will the post-COVID world look like, more especially, what will it look like for this industry in particular? Well, no one can answer this question definitely right now but we can look at history and see how and in what ways lead generation will be impacted. Crises in the past show that often there are long-lasting changes in the law and in the way people behave.

You NEED A Strong Digital Presence

While most companies have started putting their businesses online in various ways, many through having websites designed, getting onto social media, and Google Ads. However, some businesses have taken longer than others to see the full power the digital world has to offer. If you do not already have a digital presence the post-COVID-19 world will more than likely require you to have a fully functional one. This is something you can start working on while in lockdown and use it to let your clients know if you are open or closed, how you can help them, what services will work best for them in this environment, and essentially keep them informed.
Top tip: Do not just join all social media channels, look at which ones will work best for you and work according to that.

You SHOULD Have A Broad Portfolio

If we look at what has changed as a result of the global pandemic COVID-19, we can see that the travel and leisure industries are those that have been affected more than any other. Unfortunately, that means their spending budgets will have been reduced significantly. If your business relies on these industries to keep bringing in sales then the chances are your company has been hit hard and is probably taking a lot of strain just at the moment. This is why in the post-COVID-19 world we recommend you diversify your client base so you never have too much reliance on one industry should something like this ever happen again. For example, if you happened to own a car finance business, rather than only relying on selling cars to bring in your income, why not look at offering to insure them as well. That way if people are not buying cars, they still have to insure them and you do not lose all your revenue.

Develop Long-Term Solutions To Pandemic Like Problems

This is a tough one, simply because who knows if this will ever happen again (we hope not) however, if it does it probably won’t happen the same way so how do you plan for it? You can’t, really, but you can put systems in place in case of emergencies. This can range from having money aside to keep up with salaries, broadening your portfolio and keep on improving your services and software. These may not suit your business plan but it is imperative that you keep thinking and working on contingency plans to survive in economically unstable times.

LEARN To Trust Your Team

This pandemic has meant we all have to trust our employees to do the work required to get the results needed to succeed. For us, at LeadByte we have total faith in our colleagues to do the tasks set out without monitoring them hour in and hour out. Many businesses rely on the office to keep their staff working at their optimum level and hope that the level of surveillance this brings will ensure employees do their work. The post-COVID-19 world could see more businesses allowing their staff to work from home as and when it is needed. Moral of the story if you can’t trust the people you employ maybe you should find some you can.
Top tip: Have virtual team meetings where you go through anything anyone may be confused about and make sure goals are met weekly. This way you put your faith in your team but maintain contact and keep up with your targets without a daily monitor.

Support Staff

Through this unprecedented time, we have once again seen just how important it is to our clients that they have our full support! We see that continuing to be of the utmost importance post-COVID-19. Many businesses will need to scale up or down depending on how the world returns to normal, whatever normal is, they need to know you have their back. For example, here at LeadByte, we have been assisting some clients with stripping back some of their service requirements and others with bolting on features to assist in boosting their revenues. If you don’t believe us, we do not blame you, we think the best way to find out more about a business is by reading a couple of testimonials, take a look at ours.

Build Relationships

In this time of isolation, the world seems so much more together then it was before covid19. Humans need humans to survive. Before, it could be said that we lived in a very insular world, commuting with headphones on or reading a book and gyming alone. Now we run five nominate five and donate five, join endless zoom calls and smile at those we walk past even though our mouths are covered! We assume that this positive result of the virus will follow through into the post-covid19 era. Your business clients are people with thoughts and opinions, why not build a relationship with them. Have a company event where you invite your clients and get to know one another. You never know they may have colleagues who also need your services and this extra step will bring in more business!

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