How To Maintain Your Lead Generation Strategy Over The Holidays

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It’s that time of year again where everything all but grinds to a halt for the celebration of yet another year gone by. If you intend to stay open generating leads, keeping your customers happy and letting your employees take this precious time off then you need to read this post! We have all the answers on how you can generate, and most importantly manage your leads while enjoying the fun festive season!

Why you HAVE to have a lead management system over the holidays

The holidays are a time for family and rest. Lead Generation never sleeps which means that when the festive season rolls around, your business will need a comprehensive lead management system so you can have some fun over the holidays. LeadByte are here to help you and your business thrive over the Christmas period and all year round! Our lead management software is built for both lead buyers and sellers to collect, validate and distribute in real-time. We have a variety of packages on offer that are tailor-made to accommodate all business types. Take a look at our live demo here to see how your company can benefit from starting TODAY.

Have a plan for the holidays

Planning is so important, especially over the holidays! There are so many “special” days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year. If you want to entertain and engage your clients and prospects your business needs to be on board and participating in each of these days. They are all great ways to bring in new leads into your LeadByte account!

Change up your lead generation strategy over the break

We are sure you have plans and goals for your business throughout the year. However, over the festive season, these plans need to be altered to suit a time of year where many people are not at work. Depending on your business you will need to come up with some new, possibly more holiday-themed campaigns to stay relevant for your target market and keep them interested. This can be with a holiday-themed email to your top prospects or by using festive season themes and colours in your campaign landing pages. Show your clients and prospects you are getting involved in the Christmas spirit in some way.

Host a sale

We want you to generate more leads so we can help you manage them! The more leads you generate, the more we value we can offer! How can you do that over the Christmas period? With a SALE of course. A sale will reward current clients and entices new ones to come into the fold!
Top Tip: advertise the sale as a limited offer to be signed up for before the 2nd of January that way you can encourage more leads (that we can manage) over the festive season.

Seasonal Blogging

What do you think we are up to right now! Writing a helpful article for YOU on how to keep your lead generation efforts running smoothly throughout the duration of the holidays. Your clients will appreciate the added value you bring to them and these kinds of posts usually bring about new prospects.

Does your business manage their leads? If you answered no, let us help you resolve that this festive season, not everything has to be delayed to the New Year! How does your company manage their leads? If the answer to that is not very well then, we intend to help you resolve that. Please click here to see a live demo of our software or contact us on for more information.



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