How To Get More Conversions From Your Landing Page: Top Tips

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We wanted to give you a few more tips on how you can make sure you keep generating and managing your leads to maximise your ROI all through the holidays. Landing pages make up a large part of how many leads your company brings in and because we want to help you manage those leads, here are some of our tips on how you can bring in more!

What Are Your Goals?

While this may seem like an easy one, we have found that the biggest issue with landing pages is often that there is no one particular goal. If your landing pages have too many offers, users will get confused as to what they are signing up for. It is important you get clear on what solution you are trying to offer that way users understand what they are getting and therefore convert faster.

Write Simply

Long, convoluted sentences will not get you the conversions you need. Your business only has a small window of time to grab user’s attention and you are not going to do that with lots of text. Keep it short sweet and simple. Use bold fonts and succinct messages with a clear CTA button. Take-home tip: It helps if you use colours that accentuate what you are trying to say and sell but remember to keep your company colour theme, so your brand is still associated with the landing page.

What Value Are You Adding?

Prospects and consumers need to know what they will be receiving in return for their sign up and it needs to be obvious. The value proposition should show how the user will be assisted and why they absolutely have to sign up! It helps if you highlight the value proposition with a colour or a bold font that can help alert the user to the selling point.

CTA Buttons

CTA buttons are possibly the most important elements on your landing page forms. It is the way your business gets users to act on your offer. There are a few things you can do to make the CTA stand out: colour, size and your message. Your buttons colour has to stand out from the background, in the spirit of Christmas perhaps a green or red button may be an idea. The size of the button should be big enough so that it is seen but not so big that it is obtrusive. The message of your button should instil some sense of urgency, so your users feel compelled to click it.

What Images You Should You Use

Content is key but images tell the story that makes consumers want to see more and without the right images, your landing page will fail to attract those consumers. Images help users engage with your landing page so it’s imperative that the ones you use to stand out as well as help convey the message you are trying to send. Often the right images paired with great content are the reason why users end up converting.

A/B Test

As with everything in life you have to test the product before you put it out into the market. A/B testing shows you the areas where you can improve and how you can better serve your users to generate more leads. It can be difficult to ascertain what makes consumers want to fill in a form, with A/B testing you have the chance to find out.

So, there you have it, a few small tips and tricks you can use when building your landing page to boost your lead generation these holidays. Once these steps are implemented and your leads coming racing in you know who to contact: LeadByte because our software is the best thing there is out there to maximise your return on investment.

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