How Lead Management Assists With Your Lead Generation

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Having a lead generation strategy is simply not enough! If you want the best for your business, which we know you do! Then you need some help. Help that only a lead management system can offer. Lead generation works best when assisted by a lead management system. Why? If you are bringing in lots of leads as is the goal and not filtering through them fast enough those leads will move onto businesses that can get in touch with them faster, businesses who work with lead management systems that make their lives easier. Here is how they work together to give your company the greatest chance at success in the wake of covid19!

Lead Generation is what businesses use when they have no sales leads. NO prospects in the pipeline? That’s when you invest in more lead generation efforts.

Lead Management is what companies tend to start using when the lead generation efforts are working really well and their leads are flooding in but they cannot handle the volumes.

The two definitely go hand in hand and when your business is working at maximum productivity.

Efficiency and ReMarketing

Automation is the future! Your business and employees cannot be expected to stay up till all hours to reach out to prospects at optimum times. This is why your lead generation efforts need a lead management system to assist. LeadByte’s amazing features will allow your business to send our bulk Email and SMS to various leads at the most opportune times. We enable you to personalise these messages so that they appeal directly to the person receiving them giving you the best chance of turning the prospect into a customer! This is also known as re-marketing and nurturing. These leads will have come through your lead generation efforts at some point and they may not have converted at the time. This does not mean they never will. It simply means they were not ready at that time. Now, without a lead management system, some of these leads will be completely forgotten never to be thought of again.


Everyone works in real-time now. Want to go out for dinner? We message ahead of time to see the menu and prices and we usually get the menu instantly. No one wants to wait for the information they need. This is why a lead management system works so effectively with lead generation. When you get a lead through your sales funnel they want to get immediate assistance, if it takes you a few days to return the inquiry they will have probably moved on. With LeadByte we assist and ensure you have real-time analytics, real-time validation, and remarketing features that allow your business to stay on top of things. Find out more about our fantastic realtime opportunities that work with lead generation, click here.


Einstein said that the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If you are not getting detailed reports from the campaigns you are running, then how do you two know where they are succeeding and where they are failing? Without reporting we only change campaigns after it’s too late. LeadByte software is able to successfully measure and track the effectiveness of your campaigns in real-time. While allowing the sales and marketing teams back end access to important statistics enabling them to make changes as and when they see fit. Therefore, any campaigns that are failing can be adapted to suit your goals and achieve better results faster!

Save money

You gotta spend money to make money. Too often people choose not to invest in a lead management system because it costs money, it costs you more money to lose valuable leads that could become clients because you took too long to get back to them! Lead management takes up many of your team’s tasks and automates them leaving your employees more time to come up with new ways of drumming up business.

Does it sound like you need to have both lead generation and lead management integrated into your business plan? Get in touch with us or request a demo by clicking the image below!


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