How Businesses Can Maintain & Gain Profit Despite Reduced Ad Spend During 2020

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This year’s ad spend is projected to be the lowest recorded since the 2009 recession. This is not the end of the world in fact, we know a few ways you can swing this bout of bad luck to your favor! How do you say? Take a look at the article below and find out!

Streamline your services

Lag time and slow processes have no place in any business but more especially when you are relying on less money to bring in the same amount of leads with your digital marketing efforts. When you streamline your services and business activities you are better equipped to assist your customers. Are your sales and marketing teams working together? Do they have access to the same reports? They need to. Is your customer support team working well with the systems you have in place? Are there any areas you could improve on? If you want to keep growing your business when you are working with a smaller budget you need to ensure that your business is working like a well-oiled machine. Lead management is just one area where we can help you make your company function more effectively. LeadByte has a few features that will help save you time, money, and get your business more efficient leaving your staff time to focus on business-critical tasks. You won’t even notice your reduced ad spend with us on board! Click here to find out more.

Improve Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your SEO is a critical component of business success and campaign prosperity. If your prospects cannot find you online they definitely will not be working with you! So, instead of worrying about ad spend decreasing, why not worry about bettering your SEO. It costs less money and assists in bringing you more leads. This way you do not have to rely on your campaign’s ad spend as much as you may have in the past. Get the right kind of prospects with SEO, Adam Audette, Chief Knowledge Officer, RKG maintains, “Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.” Here are a few of our top tips to help with bettering your SEO so you don’t have to worry about reduced ad spend:

– Research what your customer’s needs are
– Optimise every site page
– Make sure your site is easy to find
– Build relationships with other sites (this one works in real life too!)
– URL’s with popular search terms in? Use google trends to see what is popular in your industry

Maximise your ROI

Make sure you are seeing visible returns on the money you are spending. While ad spending is at an all-time low, it is, however, set to pick up in the months to come. In the meantime, spend your money on things that bring your business results! Do you know what investments are bringing you the best returns? If your answer to this is NO, you need to find out as soon as possible. Three things you need to measure in your campaign:

– Cost per Click,
– Cost per Lead,
– and your Conversion Rate.

These indicators determine whether you need to change your performance marketing campaign. If this is proving to be a difficult task, LeadByte is once again here to rescue you! We take the reporting measurements one step further so you know exactly where you are succeeding and what to change if you are failing. We are integrated with Facebook Lead Forms for your benefit to give you the most accurate results possible, leaving little room for error and lots of space for growth! The other way you can see your ROI with us is through your purchase funnel. Use Google Analytics to help you see where you are losing leads through your sales funnel. You can then identify your weak points and up your game so you make more while spending less. At LeadByte, we leave nothing up to chance!

LeadByte has so many features that can help you better your business and boost your ROI in these trying times! Lead nurturing and re-marketing are highly effective ways to bring about new business by reaching out to old or none converted leads. With LeadByte you can send our bulk Email and SMS at the optimum time with a perfectly tailored message to re-engage those unsold leads. Don’t lose out on prospective clients because you forgot to reach out to them after they didn’t sign up for the first time round!

LeadByte’s lead distribution features make sure you are making the most out of each lead you generate. Having multiple buyers with the distribution method of your choice can be a huge boost for your business ROI! These lead distributions methods include:

Weighted Distribution
Priority Distribution
Hybrid Distribution.

Find out more about each of these amazing features by clicking here!

Go Digital

Is your company living in the stone age? We certainly hope not but if you are we can help bring you into the COVID era where many businesses are now finally getting online and going digital! Whether it’s signing on a social media guru or calling LeadByte to set up your lead management system you need to go digital this year. If not, you may not have a business to put online in the years to come. With Ad Spend coming down as a result of COVID 19, why not increase your digital presence using in house talented staff? Listen to John Chambers, “At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”Here are a few ways you can better your online efforts:
Are you on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok? You do not have to have all of the above but 3 out of 5 is usually a good cover of social media.
Do you have a website? Is it up to date? Make sure you have a website that is up, running, and optimised.

LeadByte has been prosperous in helping many businesses through this time, if you want to be our next success story, click here or the image below to request a demo or to get in touch!


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