How A Lead Management System Can Help You When Starting Out

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Lead Management for dummies? If you can’t find the book, we have the article! Have you heard a lot about lead management lately? More especially from the LeadByte blog? If that is the case and you want to know how you can get going, then this is the article for YOU. Everyone Struggles when they start out. We have loads of tips to share and a company that can set you up at the very beginning!

A Lead Management System deals with the process of acquiring and managing leads until the point of purchase. It functions effectively with users’ lead generation activity.

What Is The Impact Of Not Using A Lead Management System?

Developing a lead management system that assists and benefits your company is of the utmost importance but we would say that wouldn’t we? Being that we offer this fabulous service.
We have hard facts to back up our claims and a few reviews for you to decide for yourself.

Allow us to enlighten you:

When you have a lead management system you are compliant with the relevant data regulations and laws through our HLR, Email, and IP address validation and TPS tracking. Without one, you could face serious penalties for data violations.

Without a lead generation plan that includes a lead management system, your email and SMS costs will be significantly higher. This is a result of not validating data before sending out these SMSs and emails which cost you money and fail to bring in leads or sales.

Reports. We start getting reports from as early an age as 5 years old and we should never stop getting them or wanting to, especially in the lead generation and management industries. You need real-time reports, without them, you cannot track costs and you waste money on campaigns that are maybe not working as they should. Most people are not in the business of wasting money, reports save you money.

When you have no lead management system you no longer have the option of multiple buyers. Having multiple buyers gives you a better return on investment.

We have a variety of distribution methods that ensure you make as much money as possible off your lead generation efforts. You can choose the ones that suit your business best and connect it with your lead generation to make it more profitable.

Did you convince you? If not take a look at our testimonials here to see how having a lead management system and these features have drastically helped our current clients!

Why You Need A LMS For Your Lead Generation Activity!

It’s a tale as old as time, the marketer asks the salesman if he has followed up on any leads and made a sale? The salesman replies you have not sent me any quality leads to be able to make any sales… The simple solution to the problem is to get a lead management system to work with your lead generation efforts so only validated leads go through to sales otherwise you are wasting both time and money!

A lead management system will assist your lead generation in:

Helping you develop better qualified lead criteria. You need to be able to identify a clear target market and make sure you get leads that are ready to commit and that are at the end of your funnel.
You are able to nurture your leads more effectively. Did you know that “79% of marketing leads never convert into sales? Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance” (Marketing Sherpa). LeadByte has the perfect assistant to lead generation with its autoresponder tools. We have some excellent tech that is proprietary code. We have actually based this solely on our client requirements. In turn, this makes us pretty unique within our industry and means you get to benefit from our hard work!
A lead management system and lead generation go hand in hand, just like your marketing and sales teams have to work together for the business to be successful. They talk to one another to find the most effective and functional campaign that best serves you.

How A LMS Can Save You Time & Money

There are more ways than we can mention. A lead management system has many benefits but saving you time and money are definitely two high points!

Track your leads: Do you know if your buyers and suppliers are performing effectively? Could you say what your conversion rates are looking like? Do you know how successful your lead nurturing campaigns are? These are vitally important statistics that you should know and be tracking on a daily basis so you can ensure you maximize your lead campaigns. It is out with manual tracking and IN with LeadBytes digital tracking.

No more manual data management: When you manually manage your data it takes your employees hours where our software would take minutes and save you up to 10 hours per week for our business-critical tasks. There is only so much you can do on a spreadsheet! With LeadByte you will be able to grow your business with ease and spend more time looking for a new business instead of trying to handle your current leads.

Lead distribution: Sending out leads to third parties and then managing them is incredibly time-consuming! And it really does not need to be! When you invest in a lead management system you can send leads in real-time (even ahead of time) but creating delivery rules to ensure you only send leads to partners you trust. We have a variety of lead distribution methods that you can find out more about here.
And there are many more ways than the ones outlined that will certainly assist in your business long twerk success.

Visit the link here to see a case study on how LeadByte can change the game for you!


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