Going The Extra Mile – A Client Case Study

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For the last three weeks, we have been informing and updating you on our software partner Landingi and how we can both assist your business in generating more leads. Today, we’d like to show you just how useful and effective Landingi has proved to be for one of our clients.

We were recently approached by a client to see if we could help with a rather unique query. The client was generating leads through affiliate traffic, and in a verticle where the style of lead generation was to have both an advertorial page and a form-based landing page.

The client’s affiliates generate their leads through various methods such as email, display, and native advertising, therefore, it is important for them to track which affiliate and what source a lead has come from. This can be done through URL tracking parameters containing all the necessary information.


The client’s problem arose when the URL tracking parameters were lost as the user clicked out of the advertorial page via a call-to-action (CTA) button, taking the consumer to the form-based landing page. After speaking to both our own and Landingi’s tech teams the same day, not only was a plan was put in place to resolve this client’s issue, but it was implemented in a matter of days!

Here’s how:


The plan was to mirror market-leading setups which are usually hardcoded by a designer within Landingi. By doing so, things became much more manageable due to Landingi’s simple drag and drop nature and no coding skills required! Through the hard work LeadByte and Landingi’s tech teams, URL tracking was successfully implemented for both landing pages. This allowed the client to use their LeadByte account in perfect harmony with Landingi to effectively credit their affiliates based on the specific source (email, specific offer, Facebook, etc.) and landing page the lead was generated on.

To ensure our client was fully satisfied we managed to incorporate the original designer’s CSS onto both landing pages, ensuring they visually remained the same. As a final helping hand, we ran the client through how they could now use real-time reporting to optimise their campaign and determine whether they needed the two landing pages after all. It’s worth mentioning that this solution was implemented in just two days!

Why you should choose Leadbyte

Landingi and LeadByte work together successfully to get you great conversion rates as well as provide you with excellent tracking parameters and customer service. “Always deliver more than expected” says Larry Page (Co-Founder of Google) and we are always working hard to go the extra mile! In this particular case, our hard work paid off for us and the client in question. If this successful case study has convinced you, please take a look at our live demo here to start building your landing page and generating leads. For more information or email us on info@leadbyte.co.uk.


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