Digital Marketing & Our LeadByte Lead Management System

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In today’s digital landscape, customers are able to place opinions on a business long before they ever personally interact with a team member. This is why digital marketing and lead management are essential aspects of your company. Your marketing plans need to reflect your brand’s beliefs as well as add value to your clients so when they come through your lead management system they are ready to buy. Have a read through the article below to find out how LeadByte can help with your digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing

Any online advertising and marketing efforts are considered to fall under this term. Email marketing, SEO, social media, and various other online activities are essential to many businesses’ success. Most businesses will tell you they receive many of the leads from their online marketing efforts. Studies show that The number of marketers who say Facebook is “critical” or “important” to their business has increased 83% in just 2 years ( Believe in it or not digital marketing is one of the most effective ways for businesses to communicate with their target markets, prospects, and clients.

Lead Management System

Did you know, 71% of the best-in-class companies maintain that they use a lead management software (Aberdeen study). Coincidence? We at LeadByte know there is no coincidence, only effective technology. (In case you were wondering, we have that high tech). Lead management sounds like a simple process but it does require some technical know-how. It is not uncommon for businesses to have zero processes in place to correctly manage their leads. This in turn leaves your sales team with the bulk of the work causing them to spend extra time and money trying to locate qualified buyers. This is a lengthy and unnecessary process! Does that sound like something you are dealing with? Want to see how we can help? Have a look at this testimonial to see how we can help.

How they can work together

Now that you know a little bit more about these two business-critical components, we can show you how they function together with LeadByte to bring you better leads and as a result more sales. Did you know that according to Gleanster Research, only 25% of all leads in a pipeline will qualify? That number is not very high! You can get it higher by making sure your digital campaigns are tailored to your lead goals. Here’s how our lead management system will help you:

Real-time reports: A business functions like the human body, if you have a sore leg the rest of your body works overtime to compensate. If your digital marketing and lead management systems are not synced, one team or both will have to work overtime. This is why we do the legwork for you at LeadByte. Everyone has access to the same system and can see when and why a campaign is not producing results and therefore move forward with a better plan. Reporting is essential to both lead management and digital marketing practices. If your lead campaigns ie. your digital marketing practices and lead generation are failing to bring in leads that qualify, you can see that in real-time and make the necessary changes before you lose too much time or money. LeadByte’s awesome real-time reports give clients the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and do better. When your campaigns are not working as they should, you and your teams can further analyse why and possibly even revisit your digital marketing strategies to see where you can make necessary changes. Click here to see more about our real-time reports and alerts function.

Lead Nurturing and remarketing: This is both a lead management and a digital marketing practice. Remarketing, nurturing, or following up is very important for both digital marketing and lead management. At LeadByte, we can save your marketing team a lot of time as our fabulous software does it all for you! LeadByte enables clients to send out automatic bulk SMS and emails and auto-responses. You need to be able to reach out to your target market at the ideal time. This is why your marketing team has done that research but if you are busy with other critical tasks and you fail to send out the remarketing message, you may lose the lead for good. This is why our software allows you to:
Personalise your SMS and emails. Prospects are more likely to become clients if they feel you are speaking directly to them not when you send them a generic message that could apply to anyone.
Include an opt-out. We have all dealt with spam in our emails and on our phones not only is it frustrating if it is not something you are interested in but without an opt-out, it can qualify as illegal.

Landing pages that connect to social media: Landing pages, also a form of marketing, they need to capture your target market’s attention. At LeadByte, you no longer need to waste time finding someone to code a landing page, we have a drag and drop feature that is easy to use in addition to optimizing your marketing/lead generation efforts. We even go one step further for you and allow you to sync these landing pages to your Facebook pages saving your team time and energy on recreating new ones for different platforms. LeadByte works with landingi to offer you over 100+ templates. So there you have your digital marketing incorporation. Now for the leads, with these landing pages linked to our software, you can choose how you would like your leads to be delivered ahead of time.


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