Customer Service: The Backbone Of Lead Generation

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Lead generation is just one side of the business model, once you have turned your leads from prospects to clients you have to keep them happy. How do you keep customers satisfied? By having good customer service. We try to take it one step further. At LeadByte, we pride ourselves on having and maintaining excellent relationships with our clients. So, how do we do this and why is it so important to keep your clients happy?

Why Is Customer Service So Important?

There are various reasons why you simply cannot ignore customer service, especially in performance marketing and lead generation:

  • Competitors: “If you don’t take care of your customer, your competitor will” Bob Hooey is right, it is not enough to nurture your prospects so they become customers, you then have to nurture your customers so they STAY your customers. Customer service is the way you keep your clients happy because if they are not, they will look elsewhere. You can only be irreplaceable if: a) you provide a fantastic service and b) your customer service is effective and efficient.
  • Build a relationship: “Make a customer not a sale“, Katherine Barchetti makes an excellent point here, people will always buy from people they know and/or like. Rather than treat your prospects like leads, speak to them as though you want to have them as a friend for life. In doing so, you create a solid foundation on which your colleagues at customer service can keep building on in years to come.
  • Word of mouth: did you know that 83% of Americans have said that a word of mouth recommendation from a friend or family member makes them more likely to purchase that product or service? We’re not sure of the statistics worldwide but we can believe that it is around the same figure. If you have an excellent service but terrible customer support, your word of mouth ratings are not going to be great but with a top-notch service coupled with the best customer service support team, people are going to talk about your business. In our experience that talk often leads to more prospects and more sales. A good customer support team is often the difference between a good review and a bad one so make sure you have that sorted!
  • Time is money: This is particularly important to note in all industries, but most especially in the lead generation industry. Our client’s main concern when searching for a Lead Management System is, if and when something goes wrong, is there going to be a team there that can support them in real-time BEFORE they lose money and it is too late. A good customer support team can be the difference between a happy client who is making money as a result of using your service or a very unhappy client who stops working with you as a result of one bad day!

Now we have explained why customer service is so important, here’s LeadBytes promise to YOU! (Spoiler alert we abide by all of the above rules that make for a successful efficient customer service support team.)

In a highly competitive industry, we are certain that our customer service and client satisfaction is just the cherry on top of our awesome market-leading global software.One of our major selling points is our customer service support team. We have had people choose to work with us as a result of this, their main issue with their previous LMSs being poor customer service. Often they have heard that LeadByte never ignore clients no matter how big or small the issue.

We understand that time is money and when you are dealing with real-time lead capture, validation and distribution, we know you need a team that can help you keep things running according to plan all day every day, should you need it.

It is easy enough for us to tell you how much our clients value our customer support, but we would rather have our clients tell you!

LeadByte’s #TestimonialTueday

Our #TestimonialTuesday series is a great opportunity to showcase our customer satisfaction and support. Each Tuesday we select one of our 80+ five star Google reviews and give the client a special shoutout as a thank you. If you haven’t been following along, these are for you:

LeadByte’s Google Reviews:

Choosing a Lead Management System can be a difficult decision. However, hearing the customer experience of existing clients can be a great indication of what to expect from the software. LeadByte has over 80 five star Google reviews to choose from to help manage your expectations. Let’s take a look…

The system is great in supporting the range of lead generation requirements my clients have. It’s simple, easy to use and cost-effective. The customer support is also fantastic.

– Red Barrington

The support is INSANE…. these guys really listen, really help and are properly there for you.”

– Lawrence Howlett

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Are you sold on LeadByte’s Lead Management Software? Take a look at our live demo here or click the image below to discuss how we can boost your ROI and increase your sales!


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