Why Call Centres Should Be Using LeadByte

We’ve put together a few important reasons on how call centres can still be utilised as a prominent sales strategy when combined with LeadByte.

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Businesses are always seeking new strategies to engage, entice and convert customers. This is especially prominent in the rapidly evolving digital marketing space we live in. Technological advancements facilitate frictionless online transactions. Despite the shift to transacting online, call centres continue to serve huge value to brands and we are proud to say that we support many!

Mobile phones have become somewhat of a personal assistant in our daily lives. With rapid advancements in mobile cameras, high-speed internet and more, the capabilities of these devices are endless. So there’s no wonder that we sometimes feel useless without these devices by our sides.

94% of adults in the UK own/use a mobile phone

In fact, a staggering 94% of adults in the UK own/use a mobile phone. Most of which tend to have these devices within an arm’s reach at any given time of the day. By 2020, it’s predicted that there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users across the world. This will represents 79% of the worldwide population. So it’s safe to say that mobile phones aren’t going anywhere just yet so it simply can’t be ignored as a means of generating sales.

Therefore we’ve put together a few important reasons on how call centres can still be utilised as a prominent sales strategy when combined with LeadByte. Enjoy!


Autoresponder Tech and Customer Expectations

There’s nothing worse than receiving a phone call from a number you don’t recognise. If you’re like me you tend not to answer. For call centres, this can be a waste of time and resources.

This is where LeadByte comes in. With our autoresponder technology, you can personalise every message and build a bespoke schedule based on triggers to drive contact rates and therefore greater a return on investment. In this case, once the user has opted in, you can set up an autoresponder to send a message notifying the prospect of your offer. E.g. “You will shortly receive a phone call from 01xxxxxxx  to discuss your application”. Doing this ensures that the potential customer is aware of the incoming call and will be more likely to answer, therefore increasing contact and conversions rates.

Opt-outs are also a vital inclusion in your marketing SMS. LeadByte provides you with a fall back system that requires you to add an opt-out path on every SMS campaign. If this hasn’t been added to the body of the message then an error message will pop up prior sending, notifying the sender to revise their SMS message to include the opt-out path.  


Data Relevance and Validation

Let’s assume you receive optin leads into your call centre via Co-registration. The call centre operates in the boiler sales vertical. However, the profile of the co-reg lead is an 18-year-old student who is clearly filling out surveys for some extra cash. Instantly, this lead is completely irrelevant to you, however, you don’t know this until you manually check the profile of the user. This manual process can cost time, especially if the call centre receives thousands of leads every day.

“Cue LeadByte”. Gone are the days of manual processes and data checking. With LeadByte, you’re able to filter leads based on custom rules. In this case, you’ll only receive leads if the consumer is over 25 and is a homeowner. Additionally, our validation technology ensures that the phone details received by the call centre have met their requirements in real-time. Depending on custom filters created by the call centre, incoming leads can be accepted or rejected after HLR, TPS and Duplication validation has been carried out. Having these custom validation features in place will increase the connection rates between the agent to the prospects. Furthermore, less time is spent calling dead phone numbers which increases efficiency, sales and your bottom line.


Response Time

Clock with some coins stacked next to it

When it comes to sales strategy, phone calls benefit from being immediate, you’re not just a series of keystrokes; you’re a real human being. Reports from InsideSales discovered that contact and qualification rates can decline by up to 10 times after the first five minutes of the potential customer completing an online form. Additionally, along with being prone to human error, manual exports can be very time-consuming.

In conjunction with validation, LeadByte allows you connect your agents via an API for real-time delivery. This means that your call centre agents will receive the prospects information seconds after it’s been submitted, further saving you time, increasing contact rates and your bottom line.


Not Validating Leads 

We all know how detrimental bad data can be to an organisation’s bottom line. However, we wanted to further highlight the damage it can have on the agents who work in the call centre.

Frustration & Inspiration

  • Agents can become frustrated and uninspired due to the abundance of poor quality leads. This can lead to declined focus, enthusiasm and confidence going into future calls and therefore negatively impacting conversion rates.


  • Similar to the point above, if agents call a wrongly profiled customer that isn’t welcoming, then it could cause could a whole host of verbal abuse. Once again, discouraging the agents from future calls, and more importantly their own well-being.

High Turnover

  • Where do the points above lead to? You guessed it, a high employee turnover. This alone spawns a whole host of negative effects such as unfulfilled daily functions, a lower employee knowledge base due to lack of experience and increased costs associated with hiring and training new employees.

Not connecting prospects in real-time and/OR sending pre-sales notification SMS

By using LeadByte you are connecting online transactions to your dialer in real-time, furthermore, you can engage with the prospect before your agent has spoken to them via SMS.  

By not connecting to prospects in real-time you will likely see reduced contact rates (by up to 10 times).  By not speaking to the prospect immediately, you increase the chance of them choosing another service provider, product or service. By not sending an SMS notification to new leads, you are not engaging or connecting to the prospect to keep them as a hot lead.

If you consider the thousands of leads and multiple campaigns, not only do you have a notable dent in your bottom line but you have uninspired and unmotivated employees.

However, if you use LeadByte as a hub for your lead management then a lot of these issues can be prevented. So be sure to request a demo or call us on 01244 911 207 to discover the full capabilities of LeadByte and watch your connecting and conversion rate skyrocket!



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