Automating Your Lead Distribution – Save Time, Maximise ROI

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Winter is coming.. and so is the fun-filled festive season! We know you’d love to spend that time skiing in Switzerland and sitting by the fire with family but many of you have businesses to run as well. This is why LeadByte has the perfect software to help you make the most of your valuable limited hours so you can spend time away over the festive season. The lead generation industry, in particular, requires necessary precautions to be taken to ensure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. With our lead management software, you can automate and optimize your lead distribution process. This not only creates more time for you and your business, but it also guarantees and maximizes your ROI on every lead. Basically, it’s a win, win, WIN! Enjoy making snowmen and going on holiday while our software takes care of the business.


Collect, Validate and Distribute in Real-Time

Saving time is all about being able to evaluate data in real-time. LeadByte ensures you’re able to create bespoke landing pages with no coding experience that automatically capture high quality leads compliantly and then distribute them to your network of lead buyers in real-time. Why does it save so much time? You can set up highly customizable validation services in a way that works for you!

Data Translation

If you and your employees are spending hours on end trying to translate data manually, we have the solution for you. LeadByte allows you to distribute data in a different format to the one you received it in. Our data translation feature will translate the data depending on your requirements. This, in turn, means you can check up on how things are going at the office while on the slopes of Austria.

Smart Rules

Save time and maximise revenue with our Smart Rules systems. LeadByte allows you to set up customisable rules prior to lead delivery. This way you can ensure you are matching the requirements of the remote system or buyer in addition to increasing your ROI.

System Alerts

Lead distribution often requires your full attention, there are multiple important aspects so trying to manually monitor all of them will prove to be a time-wasting nightmare. LeadByte’s system alerts keep you updated and informed as and when consequential issues arise in your system. In the meantime, you can focus on other aspects of your business or book a holiday!

Facebook Form Integrations

Facebook advertising is a fantastic tool for your business and LeadByte just made it that much more effective. If you are running any Facebook form ads you can now link these directly to LeadByte with just a few clicks. In doing so we allow you to benefit from real-time lead transfer. This is critical if you are selling leads or using auto-responders to nurture your leads.

SMS & Email Lead Delivery

Talk about a time saver! LeadByte delivers your leads to buyers via email or SMS automatically in the way you choose when you set it up. This feature is extremely popular for those on the go!

Trigger-Based Delivery

LeadByte’s various automated settings are a huge bonus to those trying to maximise their time spent at the office. You can set up our services in such a way that they trigger specific deliveries when you want via the REST API.

Insertion Order

Your leave time should be piling up by now! Save even more time by generating an insertion order for your lead buyers. These terms include buyer details, payment terms, timestamp specified campaign and more.

Priority Distribution (AKA Ping Tree)

Priority distribution allows you to determine which deliveries you would like to prioritise over others. This LeadByte feature is especially useful when dealing with particular buyers who are willing to pay more for the same type of leads. A great attribute to maximise your ROI by prioritising the top paying buyers first when distributing leads. If you want to find out more, please take a look at our blog post on LeadByte’s lead distribution.

Weighted Distribution

Weighted Distribution enables users to set a % allocation of leads to a panel of Buyers. The great thing about this distribution method is that it still inherits the Priority Distribution logic, in that if a lead is rejected by a buyer, it will be posted to the next buyer in line to receive a lead. Again if this intrigues you, take a look at this post for more information.

Hybrid Lead Delivery

If you need your deliveries to start as a priority and later switch to weighted if the priority fails? Then look no further than Hybrid! Hybrid is LeadByte’s awesome feature that splits Priority and Weighted up into groups. The lead will follow Group 1’s delivery setup first and only move to Group 2’s delivery setup if unsold.

Pause Between and Delayed Delivery

With LeadByte you can set up your lead system to pause or delay your deliveries according to the days and times of the week. This makes your life much easier, giving you more time to dedicate to other tasks.

Advanced Export Schedules

Don’t stay up till all hours of the night to send leads out to various companies, get in touch with LeadByte and you can schedule emails to deliver leads at times that suit your clients (from anywhere in the world). Customise field names and formats, encrypt data and much more!

Custom CRM and LMS Integrations

Select a pre-installed integration of the likes of Salesforce, Hubspot, Get Response with LeadByte’s systems. Integration is the way to go to save you time and maximise ROI!


When you combine our time-saving, money-making lead distribution features with a global marketing leading lead management system you are able to spend more time growing your business and making the most of life’s other pleasures! As Dolly Parton says, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” LeadByte wants you to enjoy both of those things: making a life and a living, so click here or the image below to see a live demo and we look forward to working with you soon!

“LeadByte has replaced lots of processes that we used to do manually. We’re now in a position where it saves me and my colleagues several hours a week due to the technology doing the work. The time I save I’m going to invest in the landing page-options that LeadByte offers. I can’t wait…”

Based on this recent recommendation on our Google Business Account, you could be planning trips all year round!


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