Align Your Sales & Marketing For Streamlined Lead Generation: 7 Tips

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Aligning your sales and marketing or otherwise known as “smarketing” is essential to your companies lead generation/management activities. While many marketing and sales reps would disagree, if these two teams can work together towards a unified goal of generating more leads and managing those leads better, your business’ sales are sure to skyrocket. At LeadByte, all teams work together to create a streamlined seamless service that brings in new prospects daily and that our clients can rely on. Take a look at the article below to see how you can get these teams working together!

Have a Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. When you begin your journey to sales and marketing alignment, it is worth noting that like with all things, you have to go in with a plan. Often companies attempt to bring these two teams together without doing any research or asking their team managers to do some ahead of the meeting. How do you plan to merge these teams? Will you get outside help from a company like LeadByte for example? Or will you hire someone to run between the two to make sure everyone is on the same page? Or will you come up with a plan together internally? Once you decide this, then, you can get started! At least that is what our research has shown, how did your company first start aligning sales and marketing?

Define Lead Criteria

This step is part of lead generation and management one-0-one. Your marketing and sales teams’ next move is to identify key characteristics that will help determine a users readiness or willingness to purchase it. Then they need to be divided into what determines a hot, warm or cold leads. LeadByte could be of assistance to your business especially in this instance as our software manages this information for you. It is essential that the two teams work together at this stage. Marketing understands what to say and put out there and sales know what kind of leads actually follow through.

Make it Easy to Collaborate

Merging two teams is not easy, we will not lie to you, which is why you need to make it easier for them to work together. You can do this in a number of ways:
Set up a workflow;

  • Invest in collaboration tools such as slack for example;
  • Have a designated room specifically for meetings between the two teams;
  • Ensure all information and resources are in one place and accessible to both teams such as LeadBytes lead management software for example.

This will help give your team members more time to be creative, innovative and productive as opposed to wasting time scheduling meetings and trying to find the content they need to work together.

Look at the Sales Funnel

You cannot begin to align your sales and marketing without taking another look at your sales funnel again TOGETHER. When the sales funnel is working at its optimum capacity, marketers can see where people are dropping off and the sales team may have different insights as to why this is the case. Then together, the two teams can improve the funnel and try to make it function more effectively. The end result is more leads, which we will be happy to help you manage so your business continues to do better.

Develop Common Goals

As with all marketing and sales activities, setting achievable goals that are measurable is absolutely imperative. According to the Digital Marketing Institute, companies who align their sales and marketing goals are sure to significantly increase their sales. If marketing set goals without the assistance of sales, your business could see a drop in conversions. Why? Because each targeted lead is passed onto sales to convert. If the sales team are not getting high-quality leads and few are becoming customers then your lead generation efforts are failing. When the two work together, sales can explain the kind of people that convert and marketing can share content that attracts this kind of audience. Now, you need to set identifiable goals both teams can work towards every week that can be re-evaluated at the end of each month. Afterwhich, hopefully, your leads are of a higher quality meaning more of them will convert. Then you can call LeadByte to manage all those fantastic leads for you further streamlining your company and freeing up more time for your employees!

Communication is Key

Without an effective communication plan/platform, none of the steps you just implemented will be possible. These two teams really need to get along so that when something goes wrong they solve the issue together and not separately as they may have done in the past. Outside the realms of planned time together these teams need to communicate when something has gone wrong or before it goes wrong to make time to change it.

And lastly, if all else fails LeadByte’s services are here to help you maximise your ROI in your leads:

At LeadByte, we have all the software at your fingertips that will guarantee your sales and marketing activities function together seamlessly. How? Both your sales and marketing teams are able to use LeadByte as one collective system. This gives each team access to the same information. In addition to this, using LeadBytes software allows users to see URL tracking: you will be able to determine where a source came from and use SSID for a more in-depth analysis. With our tracking, you can go further than that and look into such as company type, job title and so on and so forth. Thereafter, marketers get to know whether the lead achieved its criteria and which ones to pass onto sales. Marketers can then include this captured information when passing on the lead which helps the salespeople close the lead.

You have seen our top tips showing how you can align your sales and marketing teams to become one great “smarketing” team machine that brings in a tonne of leads. However, we do not pretend to be experts, so, we want to know how your company realigned its sales and marketing teams structure to bring about more leads for your business? And if your business is still struggling to get these teams to work together, LeadByte are here to assist (Click Here For A Free Demo), we have top-notch lead management software where your sales and marketing teams can reach the same information at any time.


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