6 Tried & Tested Ways To Keep Your Sales Up In COVID-19 From The LeadByte Team

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The effects of covid19 will be long-lasting and at this time none of us know how long-lasting! This is why it is best to make the necessary changes to our business models as early as possible. If you own, manage or work at a business, you will be aware of the struggle many businesses are going through trying to keep up their sales in this unprecedented time. We at LeadByte have been dealing with the same difficulties which is why we are going to show you how you can maintain and even increase your business sales by doing these six things!

Keep Up Your Marketing

Wanting to cut costs at this time is understandable, however, we strongly recommend that you do not reduce your marketing efforts. Bill Gates says “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” We tend to agree with him. Why? Well, contrary to public belief, we are not all in the same boat with covid19, the same storm yes but not the same boat. There are various people and businesses who are making more money during this time then they were before! If you stop advertising, you may lose out on bringing in these new clients who could potentially keep your business going long after the coronavirus pandemic ends. Our LeadByte marketing guru, Macaullay maintains … It’s important to keep up your marketing efforts at this time, but you must consider the current situation when planning your strategy. The same killer offer that brought home the bacon a few months ago, may not find the same success as a new offer which is more understanding of people’s current situations.

Be Understanding & Tolerant Of The Situation

Our Business Development manager Darah stresses “A little bit of empathy goes a long way! Within your personal and professional capacity, it is crucial to show some kindness and empathy towards those around you. Look to create value and help others, to begin with, hopefully, your solution will be a part of this. Starting with a conversation, adding value through assistance and the sale comes later. This attitude of kindness is going to serve your business sales and personal positive development.”

Be A Problem Solver

Many businesses are born out of the need to solve a problem for various people and/or businesses. This idea needs to follow through past the initial stage of the business idea. Now is the time to think of and develop new solutions to the issues covid19 presents not only to your business but to your clients and prospects businesses. Make contact with your customers and find out what they are struggling with, get back to them with a solution to it whether it’s offering a discount or reducing their package. It will be appreciated. Solving your current client’s problems can lead to them spreading the word about your company and reinvesting more in the future leading to an increase in sales for you! Our team is excellent at assisting with solving various difficulties, our team member Lee who is our quality assurance specialist says, “Try not to become a person of success, try to become a person of value.” We offer our clients value at every turn.

Change Your Campaigns

Often the immediate response to a crisis is to cancel your existing plans and re-evaluate before starting up again. All that does is set you back ten steps only to have to re-trace them again. Rather than cancel, why not alter your campaigns and google ads to suit new targets that meet your audience’s needs in covid19. Readjusting your campaigns to current situations will allow you to reach your prospects where they are online and help increase your sales. Failing to adapt to the changing times and leaving them as they were or canceling them altogether is likely to result in a decline in sales. Team member Craig offers our clients helpful assistance in this regard, he is always on top of all our client’s accounts and has some insightful tips for how campaigns may change.

Adjust Your Target Market If Needed

Following on from our last point, you do need to take a look at and potentially adjust your target audience again. For many people covid19 has changed their essential needs. For example a family who used to be on a small wifi package may now be looking at buying into a higher more expensive one because a) they cannot work at the office or cafes anymore and b) their children are working from home for school. This is just a minor example of people who will need to change their lifestyle as a result of the pandemic but there are so many other avenues that have now been altered. Definitely have a think about who may now be interested in your product and you could see a rise in sales.

Have An Open Mind

Now, more than ever before, having an open mind in business is of the utmost importance. Innovation and entrepreneurship should be your two new best friends. Whatever your company does, you have to continue searching for better and more efficient ways of functioning, even if it means adding a service or altering some of your services to suit the new needs your clients and prospects may have especially in covid19. Our Managing Director Anthony is always thinking outside the box and finding new ways to make the company work more effectively and keep the team working together in such a way that positively impacts our clients and boosts our sales.

BONUS: Nurture Old Leads

One sure-fire way to keep your sales up is through nurturing old leads. LeadByte happens to be able to assist you on an expert level in this regard. Our autoresponders ensure you are able to consistently nurture old prospects and re-market your service. We offer two kinds of auto-responders: email and SMS. Our top-notch software will enable you to send out the appropriate message that is time-based or event centered. This means you will meet your prospects at the perfect moment, drastically increasing your sales success. LeadByte’s lead nurturing software will also enable you to keep all email and SMS personal as well as compliant! We have excellent reporting features so you can see where you may be going wrong and change things in real-time.

If you are interested in learning more about how our software can help you boost your sales please see the link here or the image below!

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