5 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Generation With A Lead Management System

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A lead management system is one of the most effective ways to improve your lead generation, increase revenue and boost sales. “If you want something you have never had you have to do something you have never done!”
Continue reading for our top tips on how you can do some things you may not have done by optimising your lead generation through a lead management system!

Sales, Marketing, Product & Customer Alignment

This is where it all starts, with these four teams deciding on various fundamental criteria, benchmarks, KPIs, sales accepted leads and coming up with a service level agreement. If you do not know what you are trying to achieve, you cannot determine whether you are succeeding or failing in your lead generation and management efforts. This initial stage is crucial to that determination. A lead management system thereafter will connect these teams within the software so that everyone is on the same page and able to communicate whether the lead generation is working or if they should make changes at any stage. LeadByte’s real-time analytics will allow your teams to read reports and make alterations according to their benchmarks and KPI’s as and when they need to.

Lead Intelligence Gathering

Your sales and marketing teams will have worked together to establish various key criteria, lead buyers and personas that need to be achieved within their lead generation system. Thereafter, your lead generation efforts can be optimized using a lead management system’s tracking parameters to determine the caliber of your leads. This increases your conversions as the quality of leads passed on to your sales team converts more easily. You learn more about your buyer’s qualities and can update your buyer personas and change the way you market to them within your lead generation strategy. Click here to see what extra features LeadByte has to help optimize your lead generation processes.

Advanced Lead Distribution

Advanced distribution is one lead management feature, in particular, that is sure to boost your sales and assist in optimising your lead generation efforts! Why, you ask? Well because, there are three forms of lead distribution for you to choose from, weighted, priority and hybrid distribution all of which can help generate you more leads and profit! Priority distribution, allows users to maximise ROI by prioritizing top paying buyers first. Weighted distribution offers LeadByte users the chance to prioritize the buyers they have given allocated percentages to for their own reasons. As the leads come in they are directed to each lead according to the percentage they have been given by LeadBytes users. Hybrid distribution is highly effective for optimizing lead generation as it offers a two-pronged approach. Hybrid will first deliver leads to priority buyers and then immediately switch to weighted distribution if priority fails, meaning LeadByte users get the best of both without losing time or money!

Lead Nurturing

Possibly one of the most helpful features for optimizing your lead generation efforts is lead nurturing. This is why LeadByte’s features of Bulk SMS & Autoresponders are so valuable when trying to maximise your ROI through remarketing. Simply because a buyer is not ready to purchase now, it does not mean that they never will be! Nurturing old prospects with relevant information according to their buyer personas is a sure way to increase your conversions and bring in more clients. Lead nurturing is so very important for lead generation success and a prominent feature in LeadBytes bag of lead management tricks.

Analytics & Reporting

As in every business, in every industry around the world, your reporting and analytics tools are imperative to your company’s success. A lead management system optimizes your lead generation efforts as they offer real-time highly accurate reporting features that allow you to change and edit your campaigns for the better. LeadBytes reporting features offer you the ability to determine your most profitable leads. In addition to this, you can see your buyer, campaign and supplier activity reporting which in turn improves and streamlines your lead generation for better leads and conversions!

As you can see, attracting and handling leads go hand in hand. If your lead generation is working effectively but you are not able to manage the number of leads, essentially your lead generation fails. However, if you are struggling to sell the leads you’re generating, then a lead management system can help you gain more insight as to why that is through its lead analytics and reporting features. This is why, if you want a successful lead generation process, then you should really have a lead management system in place. Do you have a lead management system? Is your lead management system failing to generate you more leads and profit? LeadByte can solve both of those problems for you, get in touch here and start bringing in those leads.


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