5 Tips To De-Stress During Lockdown

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It is easy to feel stressed and unmotivated while stuck in lockdown, our homes can suddenly feel more like a prison then our safe havens and our worries seem to pile up faster than usual! Stressed and anxious are two words we have heard more in the last month then we have in the last year! While the stress is warranted in this very scary and sad time, there are things we can do to help us feel stronger and less stressed even in this environment. At LeadByte we aim to assist our clients where we can to help minimize stress, this blog post aims to provide some useful tips to help destress during the lockdown.


Believe it or not, if you can work and your business is still up and running, doing your work every day and keeping something of your old routine is very important for your stress levels. According to Very Well Mind, the disruption of work and our daily routine can cause us unwanted extra stress during this time of the covid19 pandemic. Keeping up with work and doing your work at the same time as you normally would help you feel less stressed over this time. A routine helps with:

Forming better daily habits;
Lowers stress levels;
Taking care of your health;
Being more productive;
Having more focus.


It is very well documented that giving your body and yourself some love can change your mood and also help reduce stress levels. Remember the face mask you were saving for a rainy day? Or the new scented beard oil you got for Christmas? Today is that rainy day, use it! Once again this can take your mind off your troubles if only for a short while. Some of our LeadByte team have been de-stressing through self-care by doing the following:
Have a bubble bath. Many of us are always on the go, shopping, working, cleaning and doing, having a long bath will certainly help you relax and give your mind some time to slow down;
Light some candles. Candles set the scene for a calming atmosphere. The harsh bright lights we live under day and night (more especially in lockdown) do not make for a peaceful environment. In the evenings light some candles, turn off the lights (and your phone) and relax;
Do a puzzle. Our brains are always working on everyday related tasks and trials which is what causes us most of the stress we have, worrying about the future, worrying about loved ones. Doing a puzzle uses a completely different side of the brain and you will find that you do not think of anything else other than where that one piece goes for hours!
Listening to some music. Music is a great aid for transporting your mind elsewhere, you may even find yourself dancing away!
Making the most of your allotted daily exercise whether it’s a run, cycle, or a walk. It’s extremely important to find time to clear your head in a positive way.
Read a book and learn something you never had the chance or time, to use this time for something positive.


As you know by now, we at LeadByte are certainly taking part in this stress relieving and comforting hobby. #BreakfastByte is our way of getting creative, taking our mind off the scary new lives we are all leading, and spending online time with the team. Many of us are taking comfort in trying new recipes and becoming more inventive in the kitchen. This has been said to be very good for stress! Cooking takes our minds off anything we may be thinking about. This is because we have to pay attention to the task at hand meaning that once we have finished and devoured our meal, we have spent a solid amount of time enjoying the process without stressing about the future. According to Thrive Global Cooking is an easy and effective stress reliever. If you are ever bored on Friday mornings you can join our cooking contest and stand a chance to WIN and donate to a charity you feel passionate about.

Face-To-Face Catch-Ups

Yes, we are aware of the Covid19 lockdown rules, what we mean to say is when communicating try to use facetime and zoom and skype video features. This way you will feel much closer to those you are speaking to as you can see their facial use and have a more personal conversation then you would through messaging or calling. The LeadByte team has been making the most of their weekends by taking part in pub quizzes with friends and family over zoom chats, giving them something to look forward to on weekends, catching up with friends and having a laugh and a drink or two!

Work It Out

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to help you de-stress. Even if you are working out at home, while the government does allow for one outing of exercise a day some people’s stress is coming from leaving the house in fear of getting covid19. There are so many apps and programs you can download to give your workout some structure and so you can make it work at home! Working out can also help you feel more in control of your mind and body when we have so little control over everything else. The LeadByte team is all working out, Macaullay and Darah both took part in the current run 5, donate 5, nominate 5.

This may be a particularly stressful time in our world’s history but that does not mean we have to succumb to that stress. We hope these small tips help you relax and take the time to do things that make you feel good! If you have anything that helps you, let us know, we are all ears. For all the business owners out there, we are happy to assist you with your stress levels as well, our lead management software is sure to help your business stay afloat and dare we say grow in these economically trying times.


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