4 Ways to Develop an Effective Lead Management Process

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Marketing helps you achieve your sales targets and lead management helps bridge that gap so you can be more successful in your endeavors to achieve your goals. Having a lead management system assists in the acquisition of customers and also helps you find potential buyers. Working with a lead management system like ours will benefit your business in more ways than one! However, as with most things, there is a way to do things for your lead management to be effective and here they are…

Learn about your leads

This first step is crucial to your lead management efforts. If you are looking to scale up and make better decisions in your lead management and lead generation strategies then you need LeadByte’s help. However, when you come to use you should already be aware of your buyer types and personas. Their age, where they might live, their behavior, and where they might find you online. Try and develop an understanding of your ideal customer from the initial outset.

Generate and collect information on your leads

This is where we come to the rescue in more ways than one! We ensure that your lead management system is fully compliant with all GDPR laws and any other regulations you need to be complicit with. Yes, you want to collect information on your leads but you do not want to violate anyone’s rights and be slapped with a hefty fine! In addition to keeping you compliant when gathering data on your leads, LeadByte ensures that all leads that come in are validated! We eliminate any leads that are not worth being passed onto the sales team thus saving you a lot of money! When you validate your leads you do not spend time engaging leads that will not convert and you can thereafter create custom filters which thereafter make sure you no longer receive these irrelevant leads. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it! Click here to request a demo and start saving time and money with LeadByte.

Nurture Your Leads

Fitting in with our last point, a lead management system cannot be effective unless you can nurture your leads through the system. LeadByte is here for you! Not only do we assist with collecting and gathering, but we also nurture leads who may not have been ready to convert thereafter. Did you know that up to 80% of leads do not convert to sales? Why because they fail to make use of lead nurturing. LeadByte can help you from A to Z with email reminders and SMS responders, we have a wide range of features that can help you bring in more leads just through nurturing.
Our SMS and email autoresponder software are one of the most sought after features for those looking to re-engage leads. We deliver millions of emails & SMS weekly for our clients, making auto responders an incredibly popular part of the system. To read more about how this can benefit your business click here.

Pass leads on to the sales team

Once your leads have been authorized and validated through our system they will be passed on to your sales team in the most efficient way possible. If you have been importing and exporting your leads manually your sales team has likely been sitting waiting for them for hours on end at times. Our system gets them to your team quickly and without human error. BONUS: The sales team no longer has to wait for leads to be sent so they can play a more active role. Everyone in the sales and marketing divisions can see lead reports in real-time and change them accordingly so if the sales team can see errors before the leads are sent to them they can tell marketing to alter the campaign so it functions more effectively.

Track, measure, and report

Lastly but never least, it is absolutely essential that you track, measure, and report your leads for your lead management system to be able to work effectively. As you will have read above, we are able to track campaigns in real-time as well as monitor supplier activity, determine pricing and budgets. In addition to these fantastic features, we allow your suppliers and buyers access to our portal thus enabling them to check your statistics at all times. Thus enabling you to ensure your lead campaigns are running as effectively as possible. Our clients have been known to increase their leads from 46% to over 70% just in a month of using our lead management system. We have many more incredible features that will help your business, just click here or the image below to see for yourself!


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