Introduce New Revenue Streams With Co-Registration

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What is it?

Essentially co-registration is an agreement between a publisher (lead supplier) and an advertiser to co-advertise in order to generate opt-in subscribers. It provides publishers with an additional revenue stream and enables advertise to grow a database quickly by having consumers opt-in to their product / service.

How does it work?

When a user opts-in to sign up with a particular publisher’s website product / service, they are also then given an option to sign up as a subscriber to another product / service, typically that of the advertiser that wants to pay for a lead to grow their data base.

How do brands use Co-Registration?

Let’s take the example that you produce a range of health food snacks for the female fitness industry. You would typically look to target a company that also market to your niche consumer audience. You contact a clothing provider that deals specifically within the female fitness fashion industry and discuss co-registration opportunities. When a user lands on their website, and looks to sign up for their newsletter, they are also offered the opportunity to sign up to subscribe to information about your brand and services too.  As an advertiser you will typically pay a cost per lead or cost per action for these leads. Subject to the publisher’s tech ability and the agreement you have, the opt-in can be sent in real-time to the advertisers CRM / Lead Management Platform (Like LeadByte) or via CSV.

The benefits…

– Drill down and target niche prospects

If the prospect is already interested in a product or service that is contextually similar to your own, the chances are they may be interested in learning more about you too. Unlike other advertising options, co-registration keeps your advertising efforts incredibly targeted, delivering high quality leads.

– Generate additional revenue streams

If you receive a high number of opt-in leads on your website, why not look to further monetize those leads through co-reg. Or if you are looking to generate more traffic, why not build a lucrative relationship with another brand to grow your database?

– Expand your brand awareness

Perhaps getting your brand out there within the industry is something that you are finding challenging. Your conversions might be high, but if the incoming leads are slowing you need to find new ways to generate and get your brand out there. Co-registration is the perfect way to do this, whilst keeping your activity highly targeted and costs controlled.

The negatives…

  • Without the right lead management software co-reg can be a challenge

It’s incredibly important that you set up the right tracking software in order to measure the success of your campaign in real time. You need to know what’s working, how many leads are being generated, are those leads valid, are those leads converting etc. With the right lead management software this is all taken care of.  LeadByte has both Advertisers and Publishers using our platform in the co-registration market.  We know what it takes to make co-registration successful.

  • It takes two!

Many people can be put off looking into co-registration opportunities simply because it means involving another brand. It does take two of you to get this up and running, but those publisher/advertiser relationships can be highly lucrative, incredibly beneficial, and open up many future opportunities for collaboration.  Many top brands embrace co-registration; its all about understanding the pro’s and con’s and how it can work for you.

How do you stay compliant with co-registration?

Opt In

It is essential to always look at co-registration campaigns as opt-in. The user must have full control over the decision to opt in to receive further information from your brand. Opt out boxes are not compliant and we’d always advise reading up with the ICO regulations before launching your co-reg campaign


It is hugely important that you work with contextually relevant brands in co-registration. Not only are they likely to generate you far more targeted leads this way, but also users must be confident that they understand the relevance of the information that they are signing up for.

Why is the right Lead Management Software essential to any co-registration campaign?

  • Validation

There’s no point wasting both time and money marketing to invalid leads. The right Lead Management Software will enable you to validate incoming leads in real time, ensuring you only ever market to genuine leads that are likely to convert. Check out our awesome validation tools here.

  • Track & measure

There’s nothing worse than an ill-informed campaign. If you aren’t tracking the incoming lead quality and frequency then how will you know if the co-registration partnership is benefitting you? The right lead management software will enable you to track and measure in real time, all lead activity relating to your campaign.

– Engage & convert

It’s all well and good bringing in more leads, but if you haven’t got the right responder software in place, you’re never going to get those leads to convert. It’s important to set up a timely communication system to help engage the lead, nurture that lead, and convert that lead. Responder software also enables you to re-market to that lead, cross-sell and re-engage. You can read up on our responder software here.

Brands in market using Co-Registration

O2, More Than, HRI, Leo Vegas, Cheap Flights, UBER, Betsson Group, Toms…to name but a few!

If you’d like to talk to us further about co-registration, how we’ve helped brands to orchestrate and measure highly successful campaigns, increasing conversions and ROI then why not drop us a call or email today. Call 01244 911 201 or contact us here

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