Import/Export Schedules – Save Time, Maximise Revenue

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On average, how many hours a week do you spend manually handling leads? What if we told you we could save you on average 10 hours* per week? That’s less time managing, more time converting, less time sorting, more time optimising and less time reporting, more time strategising.

Here at LeadByte we’ve spent years working with our clients to build automated scheduling tools, that cover everything you could possibly need when it comes to lead handling. Time is everything in this industry, we know that, that’s why we’ve worked super hard behind the scenes, to make you super-efficient! At any given time we have over 2,000 export schedules running everyday for our clients, automating file delivery via email or FTP to clients.

If you haven’t switched up your manual lead handling to automated scheduling, here’s some more info on how we think scheduling can help you save time, save money, & maximize revenue…

So Why Use Import/Export Schedules?

 Our import/export schedules are one of the most extensively used areas of our system. Typically, clients utilize import/export schedules in the following situations…                                                        

  1. To import leads from CSV files at the click of a button
  2. To automate file delivery – and avoid the overheads associated with manual lead handling
  3. To transfer leads to clients that cannot receive leads in real time to a web service. Many clients use export schedules that move files to FTP’s (common with call centres).
  4. To transfer leads securely to FTP sites

Importantly here at LeadByte everything is 100% cloud hosted, and our domain is HTTPs verified so you have the peace of mind that your data is held securely.

So What More Can I Do With Import/Export Scheduling?

  • Customise field headers when exporting leads to clients.
  • Track which schedules run successfully everyday (we keep a log)
  • Import, export & delete unlimited leads at the click of a button
  • Personalise content when sending via email
  • Efficiently and consistently deliver leads direct to clients or external CRM’s ie. At 5am everyday send yesterday’s leads via email.
  • Transfer your leads via secure data transfer methods
  • Export via password protected zip files for email deliver
  • Export via FTPS for file transfer
  • Export leads in CSV (with various delimited formats), TXT or XLS
  • Distribute suppression lists to affiliates (MD5# Email or Phone fields.

What type of clients use Import/Export Schedules?

The great news is that everyone can benefit from import/export scheduling. Whether you have specific data transfer requirements that you have to meet, or are simply looking to save some time with your file handling, scheduling will work for you. Why not drop a member of our team a call and test drive our scheduling software today?

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